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If you are planning a trip to Toms River, New Jersey, know that are you are in for an adventure that will certainly be a great time. To some, Toms River is known as the place where MTV’s The Jersey Shore was filmed. To others, it’s a place that offers beautiful beaches and wonderful waves that will fill your days. However, there is certainly more to see in Toms River than just reality TV show houses or the beach.

While your time in Toms River should obviously include a visit to the beach, and maybe even a stroll past The Jersey Shore House, here are some other really enjoyable entertainment options that are perfect for everyone.

toms riverOcean County Mall

You’ll be sure to find plenty of opportunities to buy novelty gifts on the Jersey beach shorelines, but it’s still worth checking out the Ocean County Mall during your time in Toms River. The mall is located just a bit inland, and there are plenty of shops and restaurants to see. There’s something for the whole family, which is what makes Ocean County Mall a safe entrainment option if ever you want to get away from the beach during your time in Toms River.

Learn A Little Something While In Toms River

Toms River puts a strong emphases on education. That is why there are a variety of different museums, planetariums, and other educational experiences around town. One place that sticks out is the Robert J. Novins Planetarium. If you’ve never been in a planetarium before, then you are missing out on a truly amazing experience as you look up at countless stars amongst a blank sky backdrop.

Along with the Robert J. Novins Planetarium, the bug lovers in your family will also love Insectopolis. Pegged as the Bugseum Of New Jersey, Insectopolis offers displays and exhibits of critters that have anywhere between 2 and 2,000 legs. Visiting Insectopolis will likely take an afternoon for your family, so you can still plan to do activities later in the day once you’ve finished. It’s a creepy, crawly adventure that your entire family will enjoy at Insectopolis.

But Be Sure To Have Plenty Of Fun

After you’ve seen the museums and planetariums, you’ll have plenty of other interactive entertainment options. For example, you can get in a round of bowling at Playdrome Lanes. It’s a great atmosphere and there is plenty of good food at Playdrome, which is why it’s one of Tom Rivers most visited spots.

If you want to just take it easy and catch a movie, you can do so at Marquee Cinemas Orchard 10. You’ll be able to take in your choice of first-run movies, while enjoying popcorn and other tasty treats during your film.

There certainly isn’t a shortage when it comes to entertainment options in Toms River, New Jersey. No matter what sort of activities you find entertaining, there’s a bit of everything for everyone. Be sure to consider checking out any of the local hotspots here, and you never know who you’ll meet or where your new connections will take you.

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