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Grab your camera and get ready to take plenty of selfies during your time in Toms River, New Jersey. Most people know Toms River as the area where Seaside Heights is. But along with the area where MTVs Jersey Shore was filmed, Toms River has plenty of other great sights to see as well.

Toms River is laced with history. An area that was once called Dover Township and covered much more land, what is now Toms River has developed into one of the safest and most appealing areas in all of New Jersey. If you are planning a vacation or a permanent move, here are some of the sights that you can take in during your time in Toms River.

Cattus Island County Park

One of the most well known sightseeing attractions in all of Toms River is the Cattus Island County Park. This park is perfect for families who are looking to take in a tranquil and relaxing experience, without all of the madness that comes with a lot of today’s technology and common accessories. You’ll see many different species of animals, as well as a unique geographic climate that many people don’t expect to see in Toms River. Cats Island County Park has long-been a staple in Toms River, which is why it’s one of the top sightseeing options in town.

Ocean County Historical Museum

If you ask anyone who lives in Toms River where you should go to get a detailed history of the area and they’ll certainly tell you to visit the Ocean County Historical Museum. This museum, and the people who have run it over the years, have done an excellent job of preserving parts of Toms River and the rest of Ocean County. From the first days in Ocean County until now, you can trace it all through the Ocean County Historical Museum.

jersey-shoreRinn Duin Brewery

If you are around Toms River, you had better be willing to support local brewery Rinn Duinn. While bars around Toms River will sell a variety of Rinn Duin beers, instead it might be worth you taking the time to visit the brewery itself. At Rinn Duin Brewery you’ll get to see the entire process of making beer, as well as get to taste a variety of their different beverage options. If you’ve never had Rinn Duin before, you’ll be sure to find something you enjoy after a tour of the brewery.

The Jersey Shore

Of course, no trip to Toms River would be complete without taking the time to take in some sights at the Jersey Shore. If you want to head over to Seaside Heights, you can take a photo of the house that the MTV cast lived in during the filming of The Jersey Shore. You can also stroll down the pier and take in the sights and sounds that make up the boardwalk.

Whether you are coming on your own, bringing your friends, or looking for the perfect place to call home for your family, Toms River should be at the top of your list for New Jersey destinations. With so much to do and see, you’ll never be bored in Toms River.


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