New Place? It’s Time to Update Your Address

You’ve signed the lease on your new place. And now all of the fun begins. After all, it’s fun to put your personal touch on your new apartment and set it up just as you like. It’s definitely an exciting time. Of course, there’s a lot of work that goes into moving, too. There’s the […]

10 Things to Do By Yourself

“The best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody. You do what you want.” – Justin Timberlake Sounds pretty good, right? Spending time by yourself is important. It’s been shown to give your brain a chance to replenish itself. It allows you to improve your [...]

Best Fall Travel Destinations

Summer gets all of the glory when it comes to vacation planning. Sunshine, school holidays and warm weather are all pluses when it comes to summer travels. But if you’re not tied to the school calendar and you’re looking to avoid the crowds – then autumn is where it’s at.  With the kids [...]

August Sales to Know About

Did you know that throughout the year different months are known for certain sales? And, we’re not just talking Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are months of the year where you are more likely to find towels and sheets on sale (January – by the way) or vacuums (April – if this [...]

15 Great Gifts Under $20

When it comes to gift buying – there are some people that are just hard to buy for. Perhaps you don’t know them that well, or you’re not sure what the right gift would be. And, if you’re trying to stay within a budget – it can be even harder.  Whether you need a gift […]

Best Dishes to Bring to a BBQ

Memorial Day seems to be the unofficial kickoff to summer. With longer days, warmer weather and plenty of sunshine coming, it’s also the start of barbecue season. Barbecue season has people getting out their grills and smokers and planning get-togethers with family and friends. If you’re [...]

Tips to Lower Your Utility Bills in the Summer

You may associate higher utility bills with the colder months. After all, you’ve got your heat turned up trying to stay warm. You have your oven going as you prepare hearty meals. You may even try and warm up with an extra hot shower. But, summer utility bills can be just as high. If you’re [...]

10 Tips for Flower Arranging

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson When spring comes each year, it certainly seems as if the Earth is laughing – a lot. Flowers seem to pop up everywhere – outside in the parks, at your local garden centers, in your farmers’ markets. They are beautiful in color and [...]

Design a Great Patio or Balcony

Are you ready for some nicer weather? If you’re like most people, the answer is definitely yes. But, is your patio or balcony ready? If the answer is no, don’t worry. You’ve got plenty of time to get this space ready to use in the warmer weather. Decide What You’ll Use the Space For The […]

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