Memory Tips and Tricks

Memory can be a tricky thing. Our mind is an amazing thing that can keep memories from childhood, all the way up to what we ate for lunch yesterday. We think about so many things every day, that sometimes our minds get overloaded and our short-term memory slips. Here are a few tips and tricks [...]

Getting Ready For College: The Must Haves

College is some of the best years that you’ll have. It’s a time to redefine who you are, and meet tons of new people from all walks of life. With all this change happening, you want to have your little oasis of peace to help you recharge. You’ve got the backpack and school essentials. Here […]

Is A Travel Agent Right For Me?

All of the travel websites predicted that it was the end times for the Travel Agent. Although their numbers have dwindled, travel agents still provide a useful service even in today’s internet age. Believe it or not, millennials are the ones who are using more travel agents than before. Today’s [...]

9 Unique and Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Each bride is completely unique from the next. Throw her a party as special as she is. Bars and nightclubs are fine, but give your bride something a little extra to make her feel like the queen that she is. It’s great for getting some personal time with the entire bridal party so everyone can [...]

How to Find the Right Bank for You

What is green, hard to hold on to, and you never seem to have enough of? You guessed it–money. There are those of us who are great at squirreling our money away, while others enjoy spending it on anything and everything. No matter if you are a saver or spender, you need to know where […]

Fun Ways to Use Your Rainy Day Fund

You’ve been really good with your finances. You’ve been counting pennies, and watching what you spend and where. Now, your rainy day fund has some extra cash in it and you can use some to reward yourself for being so responsible! Everyone deserves a little time to slow down and reconnect. Spend [...]