How to Find the Right Bank for You

What is green, hard to hold on to, and you never seem to have enough of? You guessed it–money. There are those of us who are great at squirreling our money away, while others enjoy spending it on anything and everything. No matter if you are a saver or spender, you need to know where […]

Fun Ways to Use Your Rainy Day Fund

You’ve been really good with your finances. You’ve been counting pennies, and watching what you spend and where. Now, your rainy day fund has some extra cash in it and you can use some to reward yourself for being so responsible! Everyone deserves a little time to slow down and reconnect. Spend [...]

Tips on Starting Your Own Business

You’ve done the 9-5 jobs and you’re ready for something new. You’re tired of working for someone else and want to spend your time and money on building something that you love in your own business. Before you jump in, there a few things to consider as you start this journey. Work Your Passion: [...]

5 Ways to Manage Stress

Let’s face it–we’re busy, which means that we are all dealing with some level of stress. As simple as abstract as that little word can be, it can take a big toll on our lives. Stress is the number one cause for a number of diseases and health issues. Not to mention, no one likes […]

Holiday Events Near Tom River NJ

Christmas is right around the corner and the holiday events are revving up. This coming weekend is packed with activities to do. There are great activities for the whole family and for adult date nights. Plan your weekend by reading through the list of local activities near you. New Jersey [...]

How to Start Your Own Youtube Channel

Photos and videos are how people express their everyday lives, and YouTube is the central hub for all things video. You can find anything from How To’s, to random things our pets do online. YouTube can be a great way to connect with a large audience of people from all over the world. Hundreds [...]