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Toms River is one of the more appealing places in all of New Jersey. Located perfectly along the Jersey shoreline, Toms River is home to countless beach-goers who are looking to get in some great waves and sun-rays.

Toms River is full of historical events. Many of those events can be seen played out through a variety of different television shows, such as Boardwalk Empire or The Amityville Horror. But what you won’t see on your television screen is even countless more interesting tidbits that make up the township of Toms River.

Here is a look at some of those tidbits and other interesting facts of Toms River.

What Once Was

Before it became known as the township of Toms River, the area was actually first established as the Township of Dover in 1768. It remained as Township of Dover until November of 2006, at which point it was renamed as Toms River. During it’s time as Township of Dover, the area ended up having a lot of divisions of other municipalities. It now currently is ranked as the 32 largest area in the state at 136.969 km2, and the 8th most populated with over 91,000 people.

Toms River Is A Safe Place To Live

In Toms River, safety is more than just a priority, it’s a necessity. There are many families that have small children living in Toms River, which is why there are many precautions in place to ensure the safety of residents. With their efforts, Toms River was ranked as the 15th safest place to live in America in 2006, and 14th in 2007. If you have a family or if you are looking to live in a neighborhood where you feel safe, then Toms River is the place to be in New Jersey.

Toms River Knows Baseball

One of the most spectacular accomplishments that has happened to Toms River occurred in the 1990s. It was during this decade that the local little league baseball team made the Little League World Series on three occasions in five years. The success led to the team being named, “The Beast From The East,” and they’d even beat Japan for the World Championship in 1997.

Toms River has also produced National Championships in pop warner football, softball, and youth cheerleading. The young athletes in Toms River have excelled for years now, and they keep setting a bar that continues to push one another to new levels of achievement.

It’s The Jersey Shore

Whether you are a fan of the television show or not, you can’t deny the impact that the MTV show The Jersey Shore had on Toms River. The famous Jersey Shore house is located in Toms River, as are many other local hangouts that the group was filmed at. The success of the Jersey Shore, as well as other television shows that have been filmed in Toms River, have led to a new level of interest in tourism to this specific part of New Jersey.

Toms River is still one of those hidden gems that is nestled along the Jersey shoreline. With so much to do, and such a safe environment to do it in, Toms River is certainly a place worth seeing for yourself.

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