Guide to Picking the Perfect Lighting for Your Apartment

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The lights in a room create the mood and ambiance for the entire space. There are multiple things to think about before you go shopping for light fixtures. First, consider where the light will go, and then consider what style will go with your current home decor. Then, mix it up with different sizes in one room. Have fun with it!

Types of Lighting

  1. Ambient: An ambient fixture is the main lighting source in your room. This generally comes from overhead or fills the entire space. The type of bulb and style can dictate the ambiance to the room. For an apartment, oftentimes there is limited overhead lighting. There are styles that you can purchase to plug in to the wall and have the cord extend out so that you can hang it in an overhead position. If you don’t care for overhead lighting, then you can opt for one of the other types of lighting.
  2. Task: This light source is designed to aid you in a specific task. A desk lamp provides direct light in a small location to illuminate your work space. A floor lamp that reaches over a chair is perfect for reading. This light is generally smaller in nature and uses a weaker wattage bulb.
  3. Accent: The last type of lighting is accent lighting. It’s meant to bring attention to a specific area in the room that you want to highlight. If you have a nice original painting, having track lighting directed towards it brings the painting to life. Or, if you have an accent stone wall, shining a designated light on it brings out it’s natural beauty.


The light fixtures that you choose are all designed with a specific style in mind. There are modern pieces that have clean lines and edges, there are retro pieces from past decades, and there are elegant chandeliers. Decide what kind of feeling you want to bring to your room. If you have a classic look, then either the retro or the chandelier could be a good option. If you have an updated style to stay current with the times, then look for pieces that are fluid in form and simple for a modern look.


Having several different types of lighting in one room adds character and warmth. You’re able to set the mood in the room depending on what time of day or what task is being completed. Having one large light source, and a few smaller ones gives you options on how the room feels and operates.


There are several different types of bulb options. You can get warm light, daylight, soft light, fluorescent light, LED light, etc. Each type of bulb gives off a different kind of light. The warm light has a yellowish glow to it, whereas the LED lights have a cool, blue hue. There are also different strengths of light, measured in watts. The lower the wattage, the weaker the bulb. A desk lamp doesn’t need to be as bright as an overhead light. Choose the wattage based upon where the bulb is going to go.

Lamps come in all different shapes and sizes, color and styles. Do some online searching before you hit the stores to see what kind of options there are out there for the space that you are looking to illuminate. When you buy, you’ll know for certain that is the best option for your apartment.

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