Checklist of Starter Furniture You Should Have in Your Apartment

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You don’t need a ton of furniture to have a comfortable living space. Apartments are the perfect space for building your furniture. Even when you are starting out, you should choose pieces that are high quality that can stick with you for a long time, or have a high resale value. Start off with some of the functional pieces in your home. Keep in mind that you don’t have to get all of these at once.

  1. Sofa: The sofa is one of the most important pieces in your home, minus your mattress. It’s where you spend your evenings, and where your guests will sit when they come over for a movie night. Skip the secondhand stores, and save up some money for a nice new sofa that you will be proud to put in your living room. When you are starting out, furniture shouldn’t be the statement piece in the room. Let the small accessories shine with color and personality. You want the more expensive items to be able to shift with your style as the years go by. You want to find something “just right,” in that it’s not too firm, but it’s also not too plush. The firm sofa may have a sleek look to it, but it may not be that comfortable, while the extra plush one might feel amazing. Find a sofa that has the cushion and support, but keeps a nice shape.
  2. Coffee Table: To go along with your new sofa, you’ll need a place to put your coffee mug, or lay down your books. The coffee table or side tables should be next in line for your starter furniture. There are several different styles and materials that these tables come in. Having a glass table top is perfect for smaller spaces because it doesn’t take up any visual space. The only downside is the constant cleaning from the smudges. A wood table will always look timeless. Make sure that the wood color and style that you choose is in line with the other wood objects in your room. Similar to clothes, having wood colors that are close in shade, but different can clash and make the room look tacky. If you’re ever in doubt, go with the opposite wood color. Having a big difference in wood colors will look modern and intentional.
  3. Kitchen Table and Chairs: The next on the list is a small kitchen table and chairs. Even if you don’t have ample space, you can always find a more compact fold-out table or breakfast nook that can fit snugly in a corner. Have at least two chairs to go with the table. Take a break from the T.V. and have a real conversation over the kitchen table. It also can double as an excellent workspace when you aren’t eating!
  4. Bed Frame: You have a mattress, but a bedroom looks bare without a bed frame. Elevate your style and complete the room by adding a nice bed frame to the mattress. These don’t have to be expensive or heavy duty. Simple, small wooden frames are excellent for starter pieces. IKEA is one of the best places to go to find these elegant, yet affordable frames to create a mature look.
  5. Nightstands: You’d be surprised how necessary a nightstand is. It’s small, but it serves a big and convenient purpose. All of your essentials, such as phone chargers, alarm clocks, and lamps, go on the nightstand. You want to choose a nightstand that compliments your new bed frame, and fits perfectly in between the bed and the wall. Most bed frames have matching nightstands to go with them. It’s always best to buy things in sets rather than trying to fit things together piecemeal.

Buying furniture is an exciting process! You’re creating a new design that directly speaks to you. As you are adding to your collection, think about the space, finances, and style that you are after. There’s bound to be something out there that will suit your needs. Don’t settle for the first item you lay your eyes on, unless you’re completely in love with it. Take your time selecting the right pieces of starter furniture for your first apartment!

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