Fun Ways to Use Your Rainy Day Fund

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You’ve been really good with your finances. You’ve been counting pennies, and watching what you spend and where. Now, your rainy day fund has some extra cash in it and you can use some to reward yourself for being so responsible! Everyone deserves a little time to slow down and reconnect. Spend your money without guilt to treat yourself to a fun time. Here are some fun ways to use your rainy day fund:

  1. Vacation: A weekend getaway could be just the break that you need. A new trendy way to see the world is to have an agency plan your trip for you–with one catch: you don’t know where you are going until you get there. It’s a fun surprise, and they plan out your entire trip for you. You set the budget, you choose the activities you like to do, and other parameters, and they fit you with a perfect vacation with no hassel on your part. You can do domestic or international trips depending on the company you go with. Some sites to try are Pack Up & Go, Magical Mystery Tours, and The Vacation Hunt.  
  2. Progressive Dinner: Treat yourself and a date out to a night out. Have the best of all your favorite restaurants with a progressive dinner. Start off with a cocktail at your favorite spot for happy hour. Then move to a restaurant for small tapas or appetizers. After a fun taste to whet your appetite, move to the restaurant for the main course. Last, but certainly not least, go to a local creamery or a favorite shop for a sweet dessert. It’s a fun and new way to experience dinner. It’s a fun time to go with a friend, or impress a date. The travel time in between each stop is just right so you start to get hungry again for the next course. The trick is to take your time with it, and plan ahead for any reservations.
  3. Stay-cation: Do the getaway without the commitment. You don’t have to deal with the stress of flights, long drives, or the struggle of being away from the kids for extended periods of time. A stay-cation can be the perfect way to relax, while staying close to everything you need. Find a room in a local hotel within your budget, and treat yourself to room service, pools, and more. Becoming a tourist in your hometown is a great way to change your perspective on your city and see it in a new light.
  4. Take a “Me-Day”: Let the stress of everyday life wash away by doing all of the things that you love. Lavish yourself with some love by going to a spa and letting yourself be pampered. Go see a movie that you’ve been dying to see, and order in for dinner. Don’t pick up a single thing to clean and don’t answer any work calls or emails. Let this day be for you to unplug and reconnect with yourself and with those whom you love.
  5. Go to that Concert/Sporting Event: You found out that your favorite band is playing. Buy those tickets guilt-free and make a night of it by going to see some live music. Same goes for your favorite sports team. Go to see them play with friends or a loved one and immerse yourself in the game. If you are an athlete, then you can become part of the sporting event. Spend your extra cash by entering a race or a competition that you’ve been dying to try your hand at. It doesn’t matter where you place, it’s about accomplishing a personal goal!

We plan so much of our lives, but oftentimes we forget to plan the fun extras for ourselves-and rainy day funds give us the perfect opportunity to do so. Make it a priority to use some extra cash to give yourself the break that you deserve. You work hard for your money, which is why you should use some of it to reward yourself for a job well done. What’s your favorite way to use your rainy day fund?

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