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Summer gets all of the glory when it comes to vacation planning. Sunshine, school holidays and warm weather are all pluses when it comes to summer travels. But if you’re not tied to the school calendar and you’re looking to avoid the crowds – then autumn is where it’s at. 

With the kids back in school and many places still experiencing amazing weather, you might want to consider staying home this summer and booking a fall vacation. Not sure where to go? Here are some great domestic and international locales that might interest you.

  • fall vacation ideasSan Antonio, Texas: San Antonio, Texas is really a rising star as far as travel destinations go. The San Antonio Missions was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015, and you’ll find that this city is the perfect mix of old and new. You have the gorgeous River Walk area with its amazing shopping, museums, caves, gardens, and even amusement parks. And, don’t forget to try some Texas BBQ or visit some of the local breweries.
  • South Africa: If you’re looking for an exotic location to visit, then put South Africa on your list. Of course, autumn for us means it’s spring in South Africa, and that’s a great time to visit. The temperatures are still comfortable at the beaches before the summer heat arrives and safaris in Kruger Park are ideal as the dry season is coming to an end and it is easier to see wildlife. 
  • Penang, Malaysia: Another great international destination is Penang, Malaysia. While you’ve probably heard of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, Penang is the place to go. Penang has gorgeous beaches, tons of history, temples and forts, tropical gardens, and the most amazing food. This is a dream destination spot!
  • Budapest, Hungary: With the scorching heat of summer gone, heading to Budapest in the fall is ideal. You will find lots of festivals take place in Budapest during September, October, and November such as the Budapest International Wine Festival and the Palinka and Sausage Festival. And don’t forget about Budapest’s history and architecture. Buda Castle and St. Stephen’s Basilica are beautiful sites. 
  • Hawaii: While Hawaii is never going to be an inexpensive vacation, you can find lots of hotel deals during the fall months to help you stay within your budget. You have several islands to choose from when visiting this state and all of them seem to have some unique offerings. One thing you can count on no matter where you go in Hawaii is beautiful scenery and delicious food.
  • The Grand Canyon: If you want to avoid the throngs of tourists all trying to capture gorgeous photos of the Grand Canyon, then head there in the fall. Cooler temperatures and some more vibrant colors after a hot summer make this the perfect time to enjoy the view. You’ll definitely understand why this was named one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  
  • Berlin, Germany: One last European location to add to the list is Berlin, Germany. Like Budapest, you will find that the temperatures have cooled making this a much more enjoyable time to visit. Additionally, summer tourists are back home, and you’ll find it easier to grab a beer outside at any of the many cafes. And yes, you’ll be able to see plenty of history in the great city as you visit the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and Berlin’s Victory Column. 

Where will you be heading this fall on vacation? Will you be visiting one of these places or someplace else? No matter where you may be going – enjoy all that the world has to show you.

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