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Did you know that throughout the year different months are known for certain sales? And, we’re not just talking Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are months of the year where you are more likely to find towels and sheets on sale (January – by the way) or vacuums (April – if this is on your list of things to buy).

autumn salesWhen August comes around each year, you should definitely be on the lookout for some bargains. If you’re wondering what you should be shopping for – here’s a list to help!

  1. Summer Clothes: While there is still plenty of summertime left in August, this is when the great sales on summer clothing begin. You can buy some new clothes to finish out the summer, or if you have closet space, it’s the perfect time to put away some things for next year. If you can anticipate what size your children will be next summer, you might also stock up for them, too.
  2. School Supplies: Of course! School will soon be starting, and that means you’ll need to buy supplies for your children. There’s no better time of year to purchase school supplies than August. If you think your child will need additional things throughout the year (like crayons, markers, etc.), then buy them now and put them away for future use.
  3. Shoes: Also tied to the back-to-school sales are shoe sales. Summer sandals will be discounted as it’s considered the end of the season, but this is also the perfect time to pick up sneakers and other shoes. 
  4. Laptops: Laptops are on sale now with kids going back to school and college. Be sure to compare prices on laptops so that you can ensure you are getting all of the features you desire at the very best price.
  5. Patio Furniture: While the patio furniture stock will be depleted in most stores, if you are not looking for a specific style for your patio or balcony, you can score some amazing deals. And, there’s still plenty of good weather left to enjoy your furniture.
  6. Summer Essentials: Other summer essentials go on sale now. Beach towels, sunscreen, pool toys, and much more are often marked down beginning in August. When buying things like sunscreen – be sure to check the expiration date if you don’t intend to use it before next summer. 
  7. Travel: Because the summer months are the peak travel months, the fall can be a bit quieter for many places. As such, many places offer great deals on travel for fall and winter in hopes of encouraging vacationers who may not be tied to a school calendar. Look for deals on flights, hotels, and more that will have you going someplace fun in the fall. 
  8. Labor Day Sales: Yes, Labor Day is a September holiday, but many retailers are known for starting their Labor Day sale during the final week of August. Be on the lookout for these sales if you are looking for something particular.
  9. Tax-Free Sales: Often in August, you will find that there may be tax-free sales that coincide with back-to-school shopping. It’s usually on shoes and clothing – so watch and see if you will have a tax-free sales week. 

There are lots of good things that will be on sale in the month of August if you need to do some shopping for you, your children or your home. What will you be shopping for?

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