10 Must-See Movies for the Family

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Summer plans may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t memories to be made. Let 2020 be the summer of enjoying the simple things – like a family movie night.

Family movie nights are a great way to spend time with your kids and, perhaps, introduce your children to some movie classics. After all, you are probably sick of watching Frozen 2 or Trolls World Tour at this point in time.

But with what may seem like an endless list of movies available for watching, where should you begin? Here are a few family favorites that might make the cut!

  1. The Sandlot – If you have a baseball lover in the family or just like a heartwarming story about a group of boys who take a new kid under their wing, this is the movie to watch. You’ll be saying, “You’re killing me, Smalls…” for days after watching this one.
  2. Shrek – You might not think of Shrek as a movie classic, but it was released in 2001 – so it’s heading towards classic status. And everyone loves that annoying ogre and all of his fairy tale friends. (Watch the sequels if you’re looking to make it a movie marathon!)
  3. Babe – Have you ever heard of a pig that can herd sheep? In the movie, Babe, you will meet one-said pig. After Babe escapes becoming Christmas dinner, he bonds with another farm animal, Fly, a border collie – who teaches him all he can do.
  4. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – If you haven’t introduced your children to Elliot and E.T., then this movie must jump to the top of your list. They’re sure to love this little alien and all of the adventures he has as he explores Earth.
  5. The GooniesThe Goonies turns 35 years old this year, and this adventure-comedy deserves to be watched over and over again. It’s billed as an “old-fashioned yarn about a band of adventurous kids who take on the might of a property developing company which plans to destroy their home to build a country club. When the children discover an old pirate map in the attic, they follow it into an underground cavern in search of lost treasure but come up against plenty of dangerous obstacles along the way.” The kids will love it!
  6. Mrs. Doubtfire – This comedy with Robin Williams will have the family laughing out loud as they meet Dan Hilliard, who decides to become Mrs. Doubtfire, in order to spend time with his children after a divorce. Robin Williams’ British accent alone is enough to have everyone cracking up.
  7. Jumanji – The very first in the Jumanji movie in the series was released in 1995, and the adventures just keep coming. This fantasy-adventure movie is loosely based on a book and is another great one starring Robin Williams.
  8. The Parent Trap – The original came out in 1961 and tells the story of identical twin girls who meet at summer camp and are unaware that they are sisters. They create quite a stir at camp and eventually learn that their parents divorced shortly after their birth.
  9. Free Willy – A summary of Free Willy reads, “When maladjusted orphan Jesse vandalizes a theme park, he is placed with foster parents and must work at the park to make amends. There he meets Willy, a young Orca whale who has been separated from his family. Sensing kinship, they form a bond and, with the help of kindly whale trainer Rae Lindley, develop a routine of tricks. However, greedy park owner Dial soon catches wind of the duo and makes plans to profit from them.” This is a feel-good movie for sure!
  10. UpUp was released in 2009 by Disney and is a comedy-drama-buddy adventure that will tug at your heartstrings. This one will be a Disney classic down the road!

What movies would make your list to introduce to your children? Plan a family movie night and pick one of these or one of your favorites and show the kids how good some of the classics (or soon-to-be classics) can be!

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