Why Fall Shore Visits Are Overlooked

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Despite being one of the most frequented places in the country during spring and summer, many people fail to realize just how beautiful the Jersey shore can be during the fall as well. This is an unfortunate mindset to have, when the shore can actually be an incredibly worthy place to visit during the cooling months. Even though you may not spend as much time in the water, you’ll still find plenty to do while you’re here.

Even though it has some much to offer, here are some of the reasons why fall Shore visits are overlooked. Luckily for you, we’ll also tell you why those misperceptions shouldn’t let you guide your desire to visit the Jersey Shore this fall.

Beach-in-the-WinterIt’s Too Cold

One of the biggest draws of the Shore has to be the beach. But unless you are getting ready for your own Polar Plunge, then you may not want to get anywhere near the water once the weather starts to drop. But while fall visits to the Shore may be overlooked because you think it’s cold, the truth is that this time of year makes for some beautiful changes in scenery that are worth seeing. The way the leaves change colors here in the Atlantic region is unlike anything else in the country, making it well worth bearing the cold weather during your fall visit to the Shore.

There’s Nobody There

Have you ever found yourself saying, “The Shore is too crowded, which is why we don’t visit it in the summer?” If so, you may also be someone who thinks that there’s no point in visiting the shore in the fall for the opposite reason. But while Jersey Shore offers plenty of bars and clubs that attract plenty of 20-somethings in the spring and summer, the slower environment is ideal for those that want to visit in the fall. Coming to Jersey when things are slower affords you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your time, versus continually trying to beat the rush of countless other people who are also enjoying their spring and summer vacations.

Finding A Place To Stay Is A Challenge

Even though rentals can book out months in advance for spring and summer at the Shore, that’s not going to be as much the case during the fall. Instead, there are plenty of different options to consider when coming to the Shore. From renting property to staying long term in your own apartment, there’s room for everyone at the Shore in fall.

Saving For Other Vacations

Fall is a great time for your family to vacation. But with temperatures dropping around the country, many people often look at warm weather destinations as ideal travel spots. Before you flock to the busy areas with everyone else, consider how the slower pace of the Jersey Shore during the fall could be exactly what you and your family need. Not only will the slower pace let you experience Jersey in an entirely new way, but you’ll also see a beautiful transition of seasons from summer to fall.

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