Why Apartment Renters Are Happy People

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When it comes to happiness, where you live will weigh heavily on your soul. Live in a place that you love, and you can relax and live freely knowing that you have a warm place to lay your head every night. On the other hand, live somewhere that you don’t feel comfortable and it could be enough to keep you up at night going crazy.

While many people assume that the dream is to one day move into a big house with an even bigger mortgage, that’s not the case. After all, a bigger house only means that you’ll have to spend more time cleaning it and dealing with its upkeep. Add up the hours and money that you spend on your oversized home and it’s easy to see why that original goal may not be as dreamy as assumed.  

Instead of living in an oversized home, an apartment provides a variety of benefits that will lead to more happiness. Even though the space may be a bit smaller, you’ll quickly come to realize that you are more than happy to take the trade off if it means more happiness in your life. In fact, here is a look at why apartment renters are happy people in general.

Less Stress

When you own your own home, everything falls on your shoulders. From shoveling the snow to dealing with that leaky faucet, you will be relied upon for anything and everything that goes wrong. When living an in apartment complex, let the maintenance crew deal with that stuff. Not only will they take care of the apartment grounds, but you can also call in the event anything is wrong at your place. This sort of freedom from stress will result in plenty of happiness that you previously didn’t notice living in a single unit home.

Apartment-RentersMore Communication

A great way to be happier is to be around other people. But while living in the suburbs means that you may have to walk a bit to get to your neighbors place, apartment living puts you right next door to countless other people. As you start to meet new people and more friends, you’ll be happy with the way your social circle grows.

More To Do

Not only do apartments offer more people to meet in general, but they also provide amenities that can be enjoyed as well. The type of amenities that you can find in an apartment complex range from pools and playgrounds to gyms and business centers. With so much to do and more people to do it with, apartment owners get to enjoy plenty of social benefits.

Whether it’s the relief that comes from saving money or the pleasure that is enjoyed when spending time with friends, there are plenty of reasons to move into an apartment complex. And when you consider the happiness that can coincide with apartment living, it’s easy to see why the American dream may be shifting to smaller spaces.

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  • Rachel Lannister

    I’ve been looking for a place to stay, and I was wondering if I should consider apartment living. You wrote that you should definitely consider apartment living, as you can call management if there is ever a problem and they will respond right away. This would be perfect, as I am not a handy person and will definitely need to have someone to fix things when I accidentally break them.

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