Quick Core Workouts That You Can Do In Your Apartment

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The core is the most important part of any workout. We would not be able to sit up, stand, or walk without the use of our core. To have great posture and strength, you need a solid, stable core. Start off in your apartment with exercises that will challenge your core, but won’t take up tons of space or require any equipment.quick-core-workouts-that-you-can-do-in-your-apartment

  1. Plank Variations: The plank is one of the most useful and versatile movements you can do for your core. Get down on your toes and hands, with your body flat and parallel to the floor. You want to keep your backside from sagging or your hips from being too high in the air. The perfect plank looks flat as a board. Hold this position for 30 seconds at a time building up strength over time. Shoulder touches: While you are in your plank position, release one hand from the ground and touch the opposite shoulder and return it to the floor. Continue going for as many shoulder touches as possible without breaking form. One thing you want to be careful on is not twisting while trying to touch your shoulder. Keep your body straight, and don’t shift while your hand travels. Side planks: Have one elbow on the ground, and the side of one foot on the ground. Elevate your hips to make a diagonal line with the body. Hold this on both sides for 30 seconds or more. Jumping planks: To add extra cardio into your plank, you can do jumping planks. Hold the push up position, and move both feet into the chest and back out as quickly as possible. You still want to keep your hips low to the ground. Tucking your knees into the chest will help develop the lower abs and hip flexors as well as a stable core.
  2. Hollow Rocks: Lay on the ground facing up. Lift your feet and your shoulders off of the ground, and you want to generate a small rocking motion. Your low back will be like the bottom of a rocking chair, and your feet will move about 3-6 inches. Do small rocks to work your core.
  3. Lazy Susans into Leg Raises: Lay on the ground face up and raise your feet six inches off the ground. Spread your feet apart in the air and bring them back together. The second they meet again, raise them between 60-90 degrees in the air. Once your feet are back down six inches above the floor, kick them out again and repeat. You want to keep your knees as straight as possible during the whole exercise. If your knees start to bend as you raise them, then don’t raise them as high.
  4. Scissor Sit Ups: Lay down on the floor. Have your legs straight and spread your feet apart at least a foot from each other. Extend your arms out straight behind your head. Raise your arms and your torso from the ground for the sit up. With your straight right arm, reach for the outside of your left foot. Return to the floor and do the opposite side.

Whenever you are doing a core exercise, it’s very easy to want to hold your breath. It’s hard for your muscles to keep working without oxygen. You need to breathe through each of these movements to keep going and gain more strength. Give them a try, and set up a routine for strengthening your core a little every day!

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