New Place? It’s Time to Update Your Address

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You’ve signed the lease on your new place. And now all of the fun begins. After all, it’s fun to put your personal touch on your new apartment and set it up just as you like. It’s definitely an exciting time.

Of course, there’s a lot of work that goes into moving, too. There’s the packing of things from your old place and the unpacking of things in your new place. And don’t forget about changing your address. 

New Place? It’s Time to Update Your Address

If you’re not sure exactly who you should notify about your move, use this list to get started.

  • The United States Post Office: This is most likely your first stop when it comes to updating your address. Go to:, and you can complete your change of address online. (The USPS does charge a $1.05 fee to validate your identity if completing your address change online. It is free to go to your local post office in person and do the paperwork.) This will allow your mail to be forwarded to you at your new place.
  • The IRS: You may think that you can wait until tax time to update your address with the IRS, but you should probably do so prior to that time. This will guarantee that any correspondence from the IRS reaches you in a timely manner. This is also important if you pay estimated quarterly taxes online as you may not be able to unless your address has been updated. You can find the form here
  • Credit Card Companies: While your mail will be forwarded to you for a while, your credit card companies are another group that should be notified quickly of your change of address – especially if your zip code is changing. Often you are asked to enter your zip code when making purchases (as a means of preventing fraud), so make sure your credit cards are updated as soon as possible.
  • Banks: Inform your banks of your address change and make arrangements for new checks so that your address is correct. 
  • Utility Companies: When you move from your old place, you will let your utility companies know so that you are not getting charged for services that the new tenants will need. Additionally, you will need to establish utilities in your new apartment.
  • Insurance Companies: Whether it’s health, dental, car, or renter’s insurance, let everyone know of your new address.
  • Your Doctors: Give your doctors and a dentist a call to let them know of your new address, too. 
  • Government Agencies: If you receive benefits from a government agency (Social Security, disability, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) provide them with your new address.
  • Your Child’s School: If you are moving within your child’s school district, you may need to let them know your new address in order to receive bussing. Additionally, this will make receiving important correspondence easier.
  • Cable, Cell Phone, and Internet Provider: Let all of these companies know about your new address as soon as possible.
  • Newspaper or Magazine Subscriptions: Newspapers and magazines will only be forwarded for 60 days from the US Postal Service. Be sure to take care of your change of address quickly so that your subscriptions continue to arrive at your new home. 
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): You will need to get a new driver’s license with your proper address. Head to the local office of the Department of Motor Vehicles to take care of this.
  • Voter Registration: Your move may also have caused a change in where you vote. Update your voter registration information (often this can be done at DMV) so that you will be eligible to vote.

In between unpacking and setting up your new place, take some time to complete your address change. This will ensure that you are receiving all of your important mail at your new home. 

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