Looking For A New Occupation? How to Become A Freelancer

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Freelancing is easier now than it ever has been before, all thanks to the internet. People are able to work remotely in various different places at any time of day. Stay-at-home moms can make money while watching the kids, working professionals can travel to all of their dream destinations without missing a day of work, and they can make their schedule fit their lifestyle. There are lots of benefits to freelancing. You don’t have to quit your day job to do it, either. It can add to your income as part time work, or as something that you enjoy. If you’re thinking of freelancing, here’s how to get started:

looking-for-a-new-occupation-how-to-become-a-freelancerDiscover Your Gifts and Talents

First, think about the different things that you like doing and make a list. It can be anything from playing the guitar, to making furniture, or writing. Examine yourself and see where you have the most experience or talent. Compare those skills to your list to see where they may match. You could teach guitar lessons, or you can write creative short stories as contract work. Freelancing is an opportunity to take what you love and make it into a viable career.

Find Your Market

Once you’ve figured out what you want to do, then start looking to see if there is a realistic market out there for that job. If you want to teach guitar lessons, then go to local schools and guitar shops to see if there is a need for a teacher. Look for potential pools of clients to start reaching out to. For other avenues, there might be online postings for you to bid for. You can go on websites like Upwork, and bid to work on projects like graphic design, marketing, and writing.

Invest in Networking

Grow your community once you start. Word of mouth is your best tool to gain more clients and get more work. Encourage people that you’ve worked with to leave you great reviews or to tell their friends about you. Reach out to local businesses and offer your services. Once you gain a reputation, it’ll be easier to maintain a steady flow of work.

Give Yourself a Daily Schedule

Figure out when you want to work on these things, and set it into motion. Are you someone who enjoys working late at night? Then, no worries. You can sleep in, and do your work in the evening when your mind is sharp. Or, if you have other duties to accomplish during the day, then you can set your alarm clock early so you knock out your work in the morning before your other responsibilities hit. Give yourself an outlined work schedule every day so you accomplish the goals you have, and you make time for yourself and your family.

As with everything, freelancing requires a balance. Love what you do, and work hard at it, but keep yourself accountable by making a schedule with blocks of free time. It’ll help you stay focused when you are working, and it’ll give you the opportunity to not miss out on important personal connections.

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