Great Weekend Getaway Spots in the Tri-State Area

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It’s nice to have a getaway every once in a while, but if your regular getaway spots are starting to get a little stale, it’s time to look for a new place to visit. You can only head to the beach so many times, right? Thankfully, there are plenty of places in the tri-state area that are worth packing up and visiting for the weekend, whether you need a quiet place to relax or some exciting activities to keep everyone occupied. If you’re not sure where to visit, check out these weekend getaways for some ideas.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth in Hershey, PA

If you plan on bringing children on your trip, good luck trying to get them excited about a peaceful weekend in the woods. If you need a more activity-packed weekend, consider heading to Hershey, PA. The “Sweetest Place on Earth” is just about three hours from Toms River, and it’s sure to be a trip that the whole family can get behind. The good news: there’s a ton to do in Hershey. The bad news: there’s no way you’ll get to everything in just one weekend. From the city’s amusement park, Hersheypark, to the chocolate tours at Chocolate World (with a free sample!), there’s a lot to love here. Hershey loves chocolate so much, you can even sign up for a chocolate spa package!

Go on an Adventure in the Delaware Wilderness

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you understand that getting back to basics can be a great way to recharge the batteries. That said, simply walking a trail can sometimes feel a little aimless, and while there might be some great sights, there’s usually little more to it than putting one foot in front of the other. Make your nature getaway a little more interesting by hiking through the Delaware Geocaching Trail. Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which you’re given GPS coordinates, and using your phone or GPS system, you’re tasked with finding hidden treasures scattered throughout the state. While you probably won’t have time to find all of the sixty-plus geocache locations, it’ll be a great excuse to see all Delaware has to offer.

Take a Relaxing Float on Lake Hopatcong

New Jersey is well-known for its Jersey Shore and miles of oceanside beach, but what about the shore’s freshwater sibling, Lake Hopcatcong? The largest lake in New Jersey, Hopcatcong offers a watery getaway with some options you won’t find on the coast. You can easily book a cruise that takes you around the four miles of water, or, if you’re feeling more industrious, rent your own pontoon boat for the weekend. Besides spending some lazy hours on the lake, you can also pass the time by grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many lakeside bars and restaurants.

Of course, these aren’t the only places worth visiting in the tri-state area, and what works best for you and your family will depend on what you’re looking to get out of your weekend. Whatever it is that you’re aiming for, check out sites like Airbnb for good deals that you won’t find from the big hotels. If you choose to save a little money at the expense of pampering yourself, just don’t expect any chocolate massages!

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