The Benefits of Becoming Close With Your Neighbors and Other Members of Your Community

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Living in an apartment community, it can be quite easy to shut yourself in and pay little attention to your surroundings. However, doing so keeps you from one of the best resources you gain when living in a community: your neighbors. From the social conveniences to the safety advantages, there are many benefits to making friends with your neighbors.

New Friends to Do Things With

No matter how much you might like your alone time, humans are social animals and it’s healthy for us to socialize. It’s nice to have friends–especially ones nearby–who you can just hang out with and have conversations with. And if you’ve got a problem at work or some great news to share, you have someone near you that you can trust to give you advice or share in your happiness.

Plus, having friends nearby can get you out and living more actively. Perhaps you could start a daily exercise group with you and a few neighbors going for a walk or hitting the fitness center. Or, during the summer, you can have some friends to have a cookout with or laze by the pool with.

Help When You’re Not Home

One of the greatest benefits of becoming friends with your neighbors occurs when you’re not even home. When you live in a place with a strong sense of community, the people in that community are more likely to look out for one another. So, when you’re on vacation or just out of town for the weekend, perhaps you can rely on a neighbor to help water the plants, feed the pets, or watch the kids while you’re away.

In addition, while it might not be pleasant to think about, neighbors can also help keep your community, and your home specifically, safe. Even if your community doesn’t necessarily need a neighborhood watch, having just one neighbor in the right place at the right time can help prevent potential thieves or other emergencies. While something harmful isn’t likely to happen, it’s always best to be safe.

Help When You Are Home

There’s no shame in relying on others for help, and in most cases, your neighbors will be happy to help you in times of need. Even when those times of need are slight–maybe you need to borrow a tool or a crucial ingredient without heading to the store–having someone nearby who cares for you can take the burden off your shoulders.  

The help a neighbor can provide doesn’t necessarily need to be tangible. Good neighbors can also be a source of information, especially if you’re new to town and unfamiliar with local services. If you need a new dentist or just a tip for a new place to visit during the coming weekend, your neighbors can be a fantastic source of information. Maybe they can even provide you company when you check out that new restaurant!

There’s no question that, sometimes, your neighbors can be somewhat of a nuisance. But despite their playing music a little too loudly or taking the best parking spots, their potential benefits far outweigh the negatives. The next time you see your fellow community member passing by, be sure to say hello!

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