Getting Ready For College: The Must Haves

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College is some of the best years that you’ll have. It’s a time to redefine who you are, and meet tons of new people from all walks of life. With all this change happening, you want to have your little oasis of peace to help you recharge. You’ve got the backpack and school essentials. Here are the things that college kids often love, but forget to buy.

  1. Microwaveable bowls: All the essential food groups will be cooked in the microwave and eaten from these bowls. You can make mac n’ cheese, oatmeal, rice and beans, and so much more in a microwave. You’ll need a large enough bowl so that when it’s cooking, the water doesn’t boil over. Go big or go home.
  2. Extra sheets: No one likes doing laundry. Avoid having to worry about keeping up with laundry by having an extra set of sheets that you can trade out with your regular set. It’s nice to have a changing look as well. Adds a sense of mystery for your roommate. They’ll be wondering which color will be on your bed today.
  3. Coffee Pot: You always, always, always have a coffee pot in the room. It’s college. All-nighters are a thing, and they’ll happen more often than you think. Not to mention, coffee shops aren’t open in the middle of the night. The end.
  4. Floor Lamp: Do you want to burn your eyes out with the horrible fluorescent lighting in the dorm room? Or, would you rather have a pleasant white light from LED bulbs in your spunky floor lamp? Easy answer there. Plus, it adds tons of personality to the room, too. It’ll completely change the atmosphere in the space. Floor lamp for the win.
  5. Stash of Quarters: For those times when you really need clean underwear. Most dorms have a shared laundry room that is coin operated. Have a stack of quarters squirreled away for when you really need to wash a few loads.
  6. Tool Kit: You never realize how useful hammers are until you don’t have one. Get a small tool kit that can easily tuck in a closet or under the bed. You’ll pull this out more often than you think. Once the word spreads down the hall that you’re the smart kid who has a tool kit, you’ll make new friends who need to borrow your tools.
  7. Long TV Cord: The cable hookup is typically in the worst spot imaginable, and normal cords are about a foot long. That’s not going to cut it. Splurge for the longer cable so you can put the TV anywhere in the room. We aren’t looking for high design here. It’s ok if the cables are visible. It’s more about functionality in a dorm.
  8. Command Hanging Strips: Most colleges won’t let you damage the walls with holes, but you still want to make your new living space as YOU as possible. Command strips give you a strong hook to hang pictures, but they won’t destroy the sheetrock underneath.

Add on to this list with anything else that you can think of. Things like, an extra set of electronic chargers, and flip flops for the shower. Make your new home as homie as you can by bringing in all of the comforts without the hefty prices. Remember, study first, then Netflix binge–in that order.

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