Is A Travel Agent Right For Me?

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All of the travel websites predicted that it was the end times for the Travel Agent. Although their numbers have dwindled, travel agents still provide a useful service even in today’s internet age. Believe it or not, millennials are the ones who are using more travel agents than before. Today’s sojourner has many different options as they look to widen their travel horizons. They can look to AirBnB, Cheap-o Air, and cash in on hotel points, or they can leave all the worry up to an expert in the field.


They can find deals on flights, hotels, excursions that you don’t have access to.

One of the biggest pros of the travel agent is the connections that they have. They’ve developed relationships with other travel organizations that will give them better rates and last minute options. They’ll oftentimes be offered the better rates before they are made open to the public. Cruise lines, tour guides, and other speciality excursions work with travel agents to make sure that they’re booked up. The hotels and cruise lines won’t publicize the deep discounts that travel agents will get.

Coordinating with groups or complex trips.

Travel almost always comes with some form of a headache–especially when you are planning a group trip. Going between everyone to coordinate plans and itineraries is difficult and it makes it even more difficult when you’re family. Feelings and emotions can get in the way if someone is late on their deposit, or if someone is hard to reach. Keep your relationships in tact, and let a third party travel agent handle all of the difficulties that come with getting a group to agree.

They can also be excellent to use for big trips that have several destinations. Keeping track of all of the different tickets, locations, hotels, cars, check ins, and schedules can get complicated quick. Leave it up to the travel agent to manage the day to day of your trip. All you have to do is check your email and show up to have fun.

Stress-free and experts who have first hand experience.

An experienced agent can steer you in the right direction for your vacation. You can tell them what your likes and dislikes are, and from their experience, they can craft the perfect getaway for you. You don’t have to worry if you’re going to like the restaurant that you are going to, because the agent has already been there and knows that it’s an upscale, five star restaurant that fits in your budget. It’s easy to relax and let go of stress, which is what vacations are supposed to be all about!


Lack of control.

The travel agent is booking everything and you don’t have much of an option to make different selections along the way. Typically, once the trip is booked, everything is planned out for you. If you wanted to change gears one day and visit a museum instead of going on a hike, then you’re out of luck. Usually, you are given guided tours and group excursions that are time sensitive as well. Once you’re on the trip, you’re blocked in to the itinerary that’s been planned for you.

Not best for budget backpackers.

One of the hot trends in traveling is the thrifty budget vacation. You get a hostel, eat at a locals house, take the public transportation, and “rough-it” like how people there really live. It’s a more authentic experience of the day in the life of that city. Travel agents have very little connections here, and they don’t really want to either. This is for the person who enjoys going with the flow and experiencing the town as a local. You may miss out on some big touristy style museums, but you’ll have your own unique adventures of that city.

Last minute group getaways are a prime travel agent specialty. Get all of the bridesmaids together and have a Bachelorette cruise, or celebrate grandma’s 90th birthday in Bermuda at a cut rate deal with a travel agent. But, if you’re more interested in seeing how the trip takes you, with a loose itinerary, then plan your own with deal sites.

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