Best Ways to Get Involved in My Child’s School

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We love our kids, and we want to be a part of every aspect of their lives. You want to get to know their teachers and day-to-day lives in a more intimate way. It can be difficult knowing where the boundaries are with school. A good rule of thumb is to offer your help and let the teacher decide what he or she needs assistance with. Here are some excellent ways to help your child and your child’s teacher in ways that are useful.

  1.     Volunteer: The computer lab and library can easily get out of hand. Spend an hour or two helping rearrange books, or tidying up so that the teacher can focus on the lesson for the day.
  2.     Chaperone: Class field trips are always a child’s highlight. Explore a new place with your child, and their class by chaperoning. You’ll help corral the kids, and get to know your child’s classmates and how they interact with one another. You may even learn something fun along the way, too.
  3.     PTA: This is an obvious one, and it helps cover some of the school’s most basic needs. Be involved in making decisions with the teachers and principals on what the focus of education needs to be. The PTA will keep you up-to-date on some of the school’s future initiatives and immediate needs.
  4.     Fundraisers: Is there a special need that the school has, but doesn’t have the funds for? Offer to assist with a fundraiser. The more involvement they have, the more successful it will be. Bake the cookies, sell the candies, and teach your kids how to go door-to-door getting your neighbors and friends to register for their 5K. It’s a small thing, but can have a major impact on the entire school.
  5.     Tutor: Classroom sizes have gotten larger, and teachers have been given more responsibilities. It’s difficult for one teacher to meet the needs of all of their students. If you’re really great at math, let the teacher know that you are available after hours to help a few kids who are falling behind in their arithmetic.
  6.     Classroom Monitor: Step in for the teacher to help keep the kids focused. Teachers need a break too every now and then. Watch the classroom so the teacher can go to the restroom, eat their lunch, or take a few minutes to rest their feet.
  7.     Donate: Give requested items to the classroom or the school. Young children are always in need of extra tissues, crayons, and pencils. Ask your child’s teacher if the classroom is running low on any items. More often than not, teachers go out of their own pocket to stock their classroom with these essentials. Giving something small can mean a lot to a teacher. Do you have extra books in the house that need a new home? Ask the school if their library would like to take them. Children are like sponges, and love to soak up new books.

Getting involved with your child’s education doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. There are a number of ways to help support your child and their educators however it fits your budget and schedule! By staying connected to your child’s education, you show him/her that school is important and that you are willing and ready to help them succeed.

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