9 Unique and Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Each bride is completely unique from the next. Throw her a party as special as she is. Bars and nightclubs are fine, but give your bride something a little extra to make her feel like the queen that she is. It’s great for getting some personal time with the entire bridal party so everyone can have a good time together.

  1. Winery Trip: Wine makes everything right in the world. It’s universally loved, and there’s a wine for everyone. Each bridesmaid and the bride will find the perfect wine for them and have a grand time sipping on it. Bonus points for finding a winery that lets you crush the grapes with your feel in a barrel.
  2. Yoga Retreat: Wedding planning is stressful. Life is stressful. Decompress everything for a lovely yoga retreat. Forget about everything that bogs you down back home. It’s the perfect time to relax and reconnect with the entire bridal party.
  3. Camping In The Mountains: If your girls are the outdoorsy type, then a camping trip would be a dream come true. Have campfires, sleep under the stars, and go for hikes to waterfalls during the day. If you’re into having showers, then you could always go Glamping at a nice yurt in the woods.
  4. Adult Camp: It’s just like those summer days when you went away for camp, but now you’re an adult! Relive your childhood with Slip N’ Slides, zipline over trees, and eat all the ice cream! It’s way more fun as an adult because you get to call the shots.
  5. Drag Show Brunch: There’s nothing more fabulous than a drag show with Mimosas. Get the glitz and the glam of the lovely lady performers, while you have the best meal of the day (or should we say, week. Brunch shouldn’t be limited to Sunday’s). You’ll become part of the act and have a hilarious time!
  6. Cooking Class With Private Chef: If you aren’t into large crowds with tons of people, but still love excellent food, then host a private chef. Have him come, give everyone a cooking lesson, and then chow down on specially prepared meals made just for you.
  7. Yacht Party: Land parties are great, but parties on the water are even better. Take your bachelorette party out on a boat for a one-of-a-kind experience. You can have a causal swimsuit party, or you can dress it up with dresses and hats. But, one thing’s for sure–champagne will be had by all.
  8. Tea Party: An extra classy lady who enjoys the finer things in life would love a stated tea party. Dress it up with bone china, exotic teas, and petit fours. Pearls, floppy hats, and all the lovely little sandwiches you can imagine. It’s an Instagram dream come true.
  9. Horseback Riding: Take all of the ladies out on a trip to the farm to go horseback riding. Go on a trail tour with the entire group. Afterwards, rent out the barn and do the party with a whisky and moonshine tasting. Make sure the girls know to wear shoes that can get a little dirty. It’s rustic and romantic.

Before you book anything, make sure the bride is 100% on board with the idea. Listen to the other bridesmaids and try to make the affair as smooth as possible with open communication. Let your hair down, laugh with the ladies, and have a great time celebrating your bride!

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