Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Carpets Clean

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Carpeting is a popular choice for home flooring. It’s soft on your feet, comes in many colors, and can definitely add to your interior design style. But, it also gets dirty and for some people that makes it a deal-breaker – but it shouldn’t be. Use these tips and tricks to keep your carpets clean and looking like new.

  • Take Off Your Shoes: Taking off your shoes when you enter your place is an easy way to help keep your carpets clean. As soon as you walk through the door, just slip them off. This means you will not bring any dirt from your shoes throughout your home. Set up an area where you can place your shoes, so they’re not in the way, and consider having some slippers or house shoes by the door if you like to wear something on your feet while inside.
    • If you have guests often, you may also want to offer them slippers or socks when they come to your house, so that they can take off their shoes, too.
  • Vacuum Often: Carpets do require vacuuming, at least once per week, so that dirt and dust don’t build up. Be sure to take your time when vacuuming to get any dirt that’s deep down in your carpet. In areas that are considered “high-traffic,” think about vacuuming more often. 
  • Use Mats in High Traffic or Stain-Prone Areas: When it comes to high-traffic areas, vacuuming may not be enough. You may need to use mats to protect these areas. For example, by your front door, a mat is perfect as it’s where you’ll enter wearing your shoes, and you will still have a tendency to track in dirt. 
  • Blot Stains – Don’t Rub: Things are going to get spilled on your carpet – it’s inevitable. But treating the stains properly is what will make all the difference when it comes to cleaning your carpet. If you notice the stain immediately after happening, be sure to blot – not rub – the stain. This allows your stain to be soaked up and not rubbed deeper into the carpet fibers. You can also use a little bit of club soda to help lift the stain.
  • Use Cleaners That Are Appropriate for the Stain: For stains that are not noticed immediately, you may need to find a stain cleaner to try and lift it out of the carpet. Try and determine what the stain is exactly and find a product designed specifically to treat it.
  • Don’t Wait Too Long Before Shampooing Your Carpets: Shampooing your rugs can really get dirt that’s trapped in your carpet. But you don’t want to wait too long to do. Otherwise, stains can set, and there will be no getting the dirt out of your carpets.
  • Rent a Rug Shampooer or Hire a Professional: If you don’t own a rug shampooer, you can rent them – often from your local grocery store. Give your carpets a good vacuuming before shampooing, and then follow the shampooing instructions. This is an excellent activity for spring, summer, or early fall so you can have your windows open to help your carpets dry.
    • If you don’t want to shampoo your carpets yourself, hire a professional. Most carpet cleaning services offer deals if you agree to have several rooms cleaned. Additionally, if you have tough stains, you can point them out and see what they recommend for treatment.

If you’re trying to keep your carpets clean, do your best to prevent stains and keep up with regular carpet cleaning by vacuuming and shampooing your carpets. While carpet doesn’t last forever, with proper care, it can last a long time. 

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