Is It Time for You to Get Organized?

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Do you have a friend who is extremely organized? Do they always seem to know just where everything is located? Do they tackle to-do lists like it’s a competitive sport? When someone is organized, they can make even the most difficult task seem simple to complete.

Of course, if you’re a little lacking in the organization department, you may be wondering if you can really get your act together. The answer is definitely – YES! With a little practice, you can bring your organizational skills up a notch or two and be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

  • Write Everything Down: Organized people have a tendency to write things down. Whether it be in a journal, a planner, or even on a simple sheet of paper, they don’t rely on their memory to remind them of what needs to get done. 
  • Make Backups/Copies of the Important Things: If you’ve ever misplaced or lost something important, you know how frustrating it can be to search for it or attempt to replace it. This is why making backups and copies of things is so important. Backup your hard drive. Make sure your phone has been synced. Make copies of passports and all other essential documents. And then put the copies somewhere safe. (A fireproof safe is a good idea.)
  • Put Things Back Where They Belong: If you walk into someone’s house which is organized, you’ll notice that their home is probably quite clean and lacking in clutter. That’s because when they’re finished using an item, they put it immediately away. Get in the habit of returning things to where they belong. It also means you won’t spend time looking for them in the future.
  • Clean Regularly: You may be tempted to let the cleaning go for a while and only clean when things get really dirty. But don’t do it. Clean regularly, so that dirt, dust, and grime don’t build up.
  • Create a Budget: A budget is critical for your financial organization. Without one, you’ll have no idea what your spending and on what – and that makes saving even more difficult. Create a budget and consider using an app that tracks all of your expenses.
  • Practice Recycling: Another key to keeping your home organized is recycling. Do you have items that you no longer want or use? Then see if you can recycle them.
  • Learn to Delegate: You can’t do everything yourself – no matter how hard you try. So enlist the help of others when possible. Find jobs that are age-appropriate for children to do. Ask your spouse to help with household chores. Even at work, you may be able to delegate some tasks.
  • Create a Family Command Center: If you have a busy family, creating a family command center can help keep everyone organized. Keep a calendar there for everyone to see. Post the weekly meal plan, so you’re not constantly hearing, “What’s for dinner?” Post bills there that need to be paid. Make this a space for all important family items.
  • Keep a Safe List of Passwords: There’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting a password. There are several apps available that can safely store all of your passwords. 
  • Clean Out Your Inbox: What’s your email inbox look like? Are there a million emails in there? It’s time to clean them out! Create folders where you can put ones you want to keep and keep your inbox clutter-free.

What do you do when you find yourself needing to get organized? Do you have any tips that work? These are just a few things that can help you bring some needed relief to a disorganized life. Remember: Good organizing is not about changing your personality; it’s about changing your habits.

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