Things to do With a Group of Friends in Toms River, NJ

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Coastal New Jersey has so much to offer. Toms River is one of those hidden gem towns that has more to it than you might notice at first glance. There’s lots to do with a group of friends to break out of the old routine. Get the whole family together for an outdoor adventure, or get the guys together to catch up and remember old times. Here are the best things to do with friends in Toms River, NJ:

  1. Do A River Float: Grab a bunch of inner tubes and tie off together for a fun float down the river. You can go any stretch between Don Conner down to Barnegat Bay. Get in as the tide is coming in, and ride down during high tide. Get out before you get too close to the ocean or low tide. Hook up a cooler of snacks and drinks, and enjoy the lazy river down. It’s fun to get a group together to laugh and cool off together, while enjoying the outdoors. Don’t forget to have one person leave their car at the place where you want the float to end, so you have a way of easily getting back.
  2. Golfatron: It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, you can always have a great time out on the course with Golfatron. It’s an indoor driving range where you can practice your swing and break in your new clubs. Get a group of guys together to laugh, hit a few balls, and find something to eat. It’s a great way to get out of the house and try something different this summer!
  3. Kayak: If you are looking to get a little exercise while taking in nature, then kayaking is for you. You can rent a kayak in Toms River from a nearby venue like Yakkity Yaks or Pedals and Paddles. Follow a set kayak path so you know where to navigate, and what to avoid. It will tell you exactly how far you will ride, as well as any dangers you might approach, and where to get in and out of the river.
  4. Go Camping: Pitch a tent, or take an RV out to a campground for some real nature experience in Toms River. The warmer months are great for fishing, hiking, and exploring the woods. Build a campfire, and make smores. Rent a campsite at Surf & Stream Campground where there’s plenty to do. Sleep under the stars and share ghost stories. Get out of your regular routine and build a family tradition by going out every summer.
  5. Bacchus Winemaking Club: For your adult friends, get a group together to try your hand at making your very own wine. At Bacchus, you can put your grape skills to the test by blending, pressing, and bottling your custom creation. They will ferment it, and make your wine perfect over the course of a few weeks. It’s a great experience to get the girls out and have a fun night of tasting different wines. Soon enough, you’ll have your own batch of wine to commemorate the night!  
  6. Rinn Duin Brewery: A father-daughter team created this Toms River brewery to share the love of beer with everyone. Go in to sample different styles of beer and see what seasonal brews are on draft. You can take a tour of the facility and learn how all of the different beers are created. It’s more than just a bar; it’s an open atmosphere with an intimate feel. You get to have a comfortable conversation over a beer any time of day.

Get a little creative, and find what your group of friends has in common. Everything is more enjoyable when you have a group with you. Dance, drink, hike, and eat–as long as it’s with friends. There’s plenty of ways to spend time with friends in Toms River, NJ!

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