Should I Be Cleaning My Cleaning Supplies?

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You’re no doubt neck-deep in spring cleaning. And if you’re not… well, you’re getting around to it soon, right? Right. Although your mind will definitely be on your home and all the nooks and crannies you need to get to, there’s another aspect of cleaning you must come to terms with: cleaning your cleaning supplies. It almost sounds ridiculous, but there is some truth in needing to keep your tools fresh and hygienic. Here’s why you should be putting some work into cleaning the cleaning supplies themselves.

Dry Cleaning Supplies Might Just Be Pushing the Dust Around

If you sweep or dust often, you’ve probably found this one out for yourself. After a big job of sweeping, dust, lint, and other grime accumulates on the brush head. Simply shaking the broom will get most of it off, but over a long period of time, a good amount of this dust will stick to the bristles, especially deep down near the head of the broom. To give your broom or brush a deep clean, soak in a bucket of warm, soapy water and let dry. Don’t forget to give the dustpan a cleansing wipe, too.

Water-Based Cleaning Supplies Can Be Home to Bacteria

Your water-based cleaning supplies, such as sponges and mops, need extra care. Because these supplies get wet, they’re breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. If they get shoved into a dark place before they’ve properly aired out, they’ll end up being stinky hotbeds for mold growth. Gross! As far as toilet brushes go, a simply bleach bath will do the trick. You can clean cloth and fiber-based cleaning supplies by soaking them in hot water and vinegar. Be sure to wring them out and let them air out before storing them away. When it comes to sponges, some suggest to then use a microwave for a quicker dry, but that could lead to potential fire hazards. Let them air dry instead of worrying about burning the apartment down.

Don’t Forget the Vacuum

If you use a vacuum cleaner, whether stand-up, handheld, or bagless, these cleaning supplies need some love, too. As well as emptying the bag or canister, you also want to be sure to remove any obstructions on the vacuum head. Open up the vacuum and give the surfaces a thorough wiping. You’ll probably find a lot of dust buildup simply wipes away. A dirty vacuum is liable to spit dust back out into your home.

Some Cleaning Supplies Have a Limited Life

Even with the most frugal intentions, you need to be able to let your cleaning supplies go when their time has come. This is especially true of the wet cleaning supplies such as sponges, which you should be changing out every couple of weeks. Just think about what you could be spreading on your dishes – it’s almost the opposite of cleaning. Thankfully, sponges and mopheads are fairly inexpensive, so it shouldn’t be too much  of a burden to replace them. You might be able to get away with cleaning them in water and vinegar a few times, but use your best judgement.

While cleaning your cleaning supplies is another chore to add to your list, it’s a necessary part of keeping a neat home. Although the results may not be entirely noticeable to the naked eye, keeping your supplies clean will bring you one step closer to a dust and dirt-free home.

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