Physical and Mental Effects of Giving Up Alcohol for 30 Days

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Most of our social events are circled around drinking. The occasional drink isn’t bad for you, but soon enough, one drink turns into 3 or 4. Try a month free of alcohol to see how it treats you. You’ll see some main physical and positive mental effects.

  1. No drinking alcoholSleep Better: It’s well documented that alcohol disturbs your natural sleep patterns. You may find it easier to fall asleep, but you won’t experience as many deep sleep cycles. Not to mention, you’ll wake up often needing to go to the bathroom after having excess liquids. Without alcohol, your body is able to make the right amount of chemicals that help you enter and stay asleep longer. Sleep is the time that our body goes through repair. We have a stronger immune system, recover from muscle fatigue, and reduce stress. It’ll give you a clearer mind during the day, and you’ll feel better after a truly restorative sleep.
  2. Eat Less/Choose Better Options: Alcohol makes us crave late night foods that usually aren’t the best for us. We tell ourselves that it’ll be better to eat than to have a bad hangover the next morning. We choose sweet treats or greasy, carb rich foods. Without drinking, you’re more inclined to choose healthier options for meals, and prevent the late night binging.
  3. Lose weight: If you aren’t eating the late night burgers, then you aren’t adding on extra pounds. You’ll find it easier to lose weight and keep it off. Plus, alcohols are primarily made up of fermented sugars. Then even more so with added mixers and garnishes. You’ll find your blood sugar levels even out, and that you don’t have intense food cravings like you used to.
  4. Clear Skin: Naturally, when your body is getting good food and plenty of rest, then you’ll see a good reflection on your skin. Your skin will be well hydrated, bright, and resist blemishes. Alcohol is a big culprit for puffy, red eyes. Get your beauty rest, and wake up looking fresh.
  5. Save Money: You’ll be surprised at the amount of money that you’ll save from not buying alcohol, especially if you typically spent money on drinks out at restaurants. You can put that money to good use by paying for a vacation, adding to your 401K, or giving yourself a special treat for choosing a healthier option.
  6.  Stabile Mood: One of the biggest changes that you’ll experience from avoiding alcohol is how your mood starts to level out. Alcohol is technically a depressant. During the first phases of drinking, it acts as a stimulant, but in reality, it slows you down and makes you feel sluggish.

Avoiding alcohol doesn’t mean that you have to stay cooped up in your house. You can still enjoy the company of others, but have a mocktail instead. You’ll have a great time, and have all of the positive effects of sleeping well and having a clear mind.

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