More Uses For Your Used Coffee Grounds

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There are few things better than a dark cup of coffee in the morning. But after you make that cup of Joe, are you throwing away your coffee grounds? If so, you’ll be amazed with how many practical uses you could be using them for.

Here are more uses for your used coffee grounds, some of which will help you save money by taking the place of other household items.

Have A Better Harvest

Whether you are trying to grow bigger vegetables or brighter flowers, add coffee grounds to your potting mix. The nutrients from coffee begin by helping to balance out pH levels. Additionally, they attract worms to help fertilize your garden. Add coffee grounds to your garden and watch things bloom like never before.  

Fill In Furniture Scratches

Coffee-GroundsGetting a scratch on furniture seems to be an inevitable headache. But instead of going out to purchase polish or paint, you can fill in small scratches on wood with coffee grounds. Begin by dabbing a small area to make sure that the color matches, and then apply water for lighter shades or grounds to go darker. No more nicks on furniture thanks to your coffee grounds.

Do A Deep Clean

Can’t seem to keep your pots and pans really clean? That might be the case if you have plenty of grease and grime built up. Instead of going at it with, and wasting all of, dish soap, rinse with coffee grounds. The grounds are abrasive and will help to break away even the strongest of buildup. Your pots and pans will be much cleaner and you won’t have to waste money on dish soap.

Make Your Fridge Smell Better

If you notice that your refrigerator has some lasting scents that are ruining your appetite, place a bowl of coffee grounds inside. A small bowl of coffee grounds will help consume the smell and dilute the stench in your fridge. After a few days, rotate out the grounds and you’ll notice your fridge no longer has that odorless stench.

Create An Art Project

Looking for the perfect after school art project for your kids? If so, save those coffee grounds and get creative with the uses you can implement. One creative project is to take paper and soak it in water and grounds, giving it an antique look. Have the kids draw pictures first and then you can turn their artwork into instant classics with this afternoon project.

Clean Your Hands

Finally, keep a few coffee grounds near your sink to wash your hands. Much like with cleaning the dishes, the abrasive coffee surface will help to cleanse your hands of tough buildup and even grease. Granted, you may smell like coffee afterwards, but that may be a good thing for those that can’t get enough Joe.

Before you throw out those coffee grounds, think of how much more use you can get out of them. With plenty of practical uses for your used coffee grounds, you’ll enjoy your morning cup even more.

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