Last Minute Winter Excursions

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For most people, the idea of spring and summer can’t come soon enough. And when you think of the transition from hard hitting snow to beautiful sunshine, it’s easy to see why the warmer seasons are welcomed with such open arms.

But that’s not the case for everyone. Some people want to do whatever they can to soak up the last of those winter activities before they are unable to feel the touch of snow for at least a few months. For those of you, here are some last minute winter excursions that you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Visit The Great Lakes

From Toms River, you can reach the Great Lakes in under a day. But if you take your time to enjoy all that this region in America offers, you can take as long as you want to make it from one point of Lake Superior to the other side of Lake Michigan. During this time of year, you can still take in some great winter activities at the Great Lakes. Weather you enjoy ice fishing, ice skating, or just seeing the snow fall, you’ll be sure to get some last glimpses when you head this way. A pro tip is to head over to Niagara Falls, which is beautiful during this time of year.

Rocky-MountainsHead West To The Rocky Mountains

You can be sure that you’ll get in some great winter activities if you head as far west as Colorado this spring. Even though Denver starts to heat up around this time of year, the highest elevations in the state are still getting plenty of snowfall. You can hit a few slopes over at Arapahoe Basin or Snowmass, and or just take in the beautiful sights of the changing landscape from winter to spring.

Another option to take in while in Colorado can be with fat-tire bikes. These bikes are great for getting out and mountain biking in the snow, which is a unique adventure for anyone who has never taken part in it. Fat-tire bike riding is a must do while in Colorado, especially when there is still snow left on the ground.

Whatever your fancy might be, Colorado surely has it during the spring.

Go Camping In Virginia

If Colorado is too far, then head just down to Virginia and you can still get in some great winter excursions before the spring hits. With plenty of areas for camping that are open this time of year, there are countless winter activities that you can take part in. And if you have a vehicle that accommodates, there are endless backgrounds in Virginia that will make for unforgettable vacation.

There is still so much to do in this beautiful country of ours, so get out and make the most of the last few weeks of winter while you can. With these winter excursions, you’ll get plenty of your taste of the season to hold you over for at least a few more months.

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