Ideas for Decorating a Kid’s Room for a Small Space

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Kids love expressing themselves by decorating their rooms. It’s the only space in the whole world that is completely theirs. You want to let them have the freedom to create it exactly as they want it, but sometimes it can be limiting when you live in an apartment. Use these 7 tips to create a personalized room perfect for any kid.

  1. Removable Wall Decals: Kids love color, but it can be hard to spice up the bedroom walls when you can’t paint them. Instead of a can of paint, get a roll of your child’s favorite cartoon or animal, and decorate the walls with fun, removable wall decals. You can find these online on Amazon, Etsy, and more. There are also options for removable wallpaper patterns if you want to stick with something more traditional.
  2. Corner Floating Shelves: In small spaces, you need to maximize every square inch. There’s only so much countertop space to fit all of your child’s knickknacks, books, and toys. Instead of storing them on the floor, move up with shelves! Corners are often unused spaces in rooms. Pop in a few floating shelves and you’ll have a unique look that won’t get in the way of other furniture, and it’s a great way to display all of your kids’ favorite things.
  3. Create Your Own Artwork: Kids love to create. Give them a project to do with you that will let them express their individuality and creativity. Afterwards, you can frame the new artwork, or display it on a shelf. Let your child be a part of the overall design by adding their own touch to the decorations.
  4. Creative Storage: Find furniture pieces that double as storage bins. You can have a window seat that opens up into a toy box, or a desk that folds open to keep all of their crayons. Furniture that has built in storage units will be a lifesaver for organization. You can also get plastic bins that slide under the bed for discreet storage. Keep your child’s winter clothes or extra blankets in these easy to reach bins. By putting your bulky items under here, you’ll save tons of space in your closets.
  5. Fun Light Fixtures: Kids love lights. They love colored lights, cut-out lights, string lights, night lights–you name it. Change the entire ambiance to your child’s room by adding in fun lamps and light fixtures that fit their personality. You can get string lights and arrange them in a clear vase for a firefly effect, or, you can string up twinkling lights around their bed frame. You can add a specialty bulb to a lamp like black lights, or any other colored light that your child likes. Unique lighting can make the whole room become magical.
  6. Add a Funky Rug: Not only will this add a fun pattern or color to the room, it will also protect the floors beneath it. Let’s face it, kids are messy. Have some peace of mind knowing that your kids can eat and play in their rooms, without worrying about them destroying the floors.
  7. Switch Out Old Furniture Knobs: Update his or her furniture with a quick and easy change of the knobs. By adding several retro or funky knobs to the existing furniture, you can change an outdated looking piece, into a fresh and modern chest of drawers. Let them be a part of the process by having them choose which knobs they like. It’s ok if they miss-match. That’s part of the fun!

Regardless of age, your child will love being a part of creating their very own room. It’s their own unique thumbprint on this world. Soon enough, they’ll want to have all of their friends over so they can show off all of their cool new things. You’ll be happy knowing that they are happy.

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