How to Clean Your Walls

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We all know that cleaning our walls is important, but when was the last time you did it? After all, it can be a bit of a pain. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the process easier. Here are some of our favorite tips for cleaning your walls quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with fingerprints, smudges, or just general dirt and grime, these tips will help you get your walls looking good as new in no time.

Remove everything from your walls before you start 

Before you start any cleaning, it is essential to remove everything from the walls – pictures, wall art, and any other decorations. Taking the time to clear your walls will not only prevent you from disrupting your art or decorations during cleaning but also give you a chance to see what needs repair or updating. 

Test an area of your walls before you start

It is crucial to test any cleaning products that you plan to use on the walls. Testing an area first helps to make sure that the products you choose don’t cause discoloration or damage the finish. In general, an all-purpose cleaner is most recommended, but it’s always best to check.

Dust the walls if necessary before cleaning

Dusting the walls is an important step before cleaning them. It removes the buildup of dust, dirt, and other particles that have settled over time. Dust can trap dirt and prevent cleaners from reaching their full potential when used on a wall. When dusting walls, use a microfiber cloth or a soft-bristled brush to ensure no scratches are made. 

Use an all-purpose cleaner and warm water to clean 

Cleaning your walls is a great way to freshen up any space. With an all-purpose cleaner and a little elbow grease, your walls can look like you just gave them a brand new paint job. Start by filling a bucket with warm water and adding about two ounces of the all-purpose cleaner for every gallon of water. Use a sponge or soft cloth to work in small areas at a time, dipping it into the mixture when needed. Work from the top down, rinsing often with clean water, so you don’t spread dirt around. A few passes over the area should leave you with shiny clean walls that will be envied by all who enter your home!

Wipe down any light fixtures or switch plates on your walls

Cleaning light fixtures and switch plates should also be on your list of cleaning tasks, as it can make a big difference in a room’s overall look and feel. Just like with all other surfaces, use warm water and a mild detergent lightly applied to a soft cloth, then wipe in a circular motion. Rinse off with a slightly damp cloth after cleaning so you don’t leave any residue. 

Be sure to clean baseboards and trim

Cleaning baseboards and trim is an often neglected chore. Taking the extra step to dust off baseboards and trim will not only improve the overall look of a room, but it also ensures additional dust and dirt do not accumulate between surfaces. This can reduce allergies and keep your home fresh and spic-and-span at all times. 

Cleaning your walls may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these simple tips, you’ll be done in no time! Be sure to start with a clean, dry cloth or sponge to avoid streaks. Use gentle circular motions when cleaning, and don’t forget to clean your light fixtures, switch plates, baseboards and trim. Your walls will look good as new in no time!

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