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When the weather is nice, it’s the ideal time to get kids outdoors to burn off some energy. After all, there are plenty of days in the winter when it’s too cold to go outside – so why not take advantage of the great weather while it’s here.

Kids can go for a bike ride or take a walk. Or they can grab the sidewalk chalk and create some art. Of course, they can always play games.

This summer, why not make outdoor play even more fun and teach your kids some new games? Here are a few they might like.

  • Animal Tag: Tag is fun, but smaller children might like to play animal tag. One child is the zookeeper who must tag the animals and get them back in the cake. One player is the monkey – who can free animals that have been tagged. The rest of the children are the animals of their choice!
  • Obstacle Course: Do you have children who are fans of “American Ninja Warrior”? Are they constantly climbing things? Jumping around? Then create a fun obstacle course that has them crawling, balancing, jumping, and more! You can use string, cones, pool noodles, wood beams, blankets, and other things you may have. Then time the kids as they go through the course to see who is the fastest – and who is the most improved.
  • Four Square: You might remember playing this during recess at school, but you can teach your children how to play this fun game, too. With some chalk, a kickball, and four willing participants  – you have all you need to play this game. And if you don’t remember the rules, here’s a quick refresher
  • Hopscotch: Here’s another game that only requires a couple of things – chalk and rocks. There are just a few basic rules to learn (and a couple of variations that can be played), and the kids will have lots of fun jumping and hopping around. 
  • What Time Is It Mr. Fox?: What Time Is It Mr. Fox? is such a simple game, but a fun one nonetheless. You’ll need a large open space to play – and plenty of kids – but this game will keep everyone on their toes. 
  • DIY Water Gun Cup Race: Is it an extremely hot day? Want the kids to have fun and get a little wet? Then it’s time to break out the water guns and have a Water Gun Cup Race. The supplies needed are minimal (cups, straws, tape, string, and water guns), and the kids will have a blast!
  • Water Balloon Games: You’ve probably seen the big packages of water balloons at your local store, so why not pick up a few packages and let the kids play some water balloon games? There are lots of different games that can be played with the balloons – just make sure everyone is on board to pick up the balloons when the fun is over.
  • Parachute Games: Did you love it when your teacher would pull out the parachute, and you would get to play different parachute games when you were younger? Then your children will probably love it, too. You can find parachutes on Amazon for under $20 – and there are many different games you can play with it

This summer, don’t let the kids stay indoors and play video games or watch television all the time. Instead, take them outside so they can play some games and enjoy the outdoors. You’ll have fun teaching them these games, and they’ll have fun playing them. 

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