Give Your Home a Beachy Vibe With These Things

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Raise your hand if you love the beach! Do you love the warm sand? The sound of the waves crashing? The smell of the salt air? Or, maybe, you just love all of it?

Beach lovers are constantly looking for ways to spend time at their favorite place, but it’s not always convenient to get there when you have a job, kids, and other responsibilities.

So, why not bring a bit of the beach to your place? Yes, you can get that beachy, coastal vibe for your home. 

If you have some neutral furniture (think shades of white, blue, pale green, and tan), then you may be able to add some simple accessories to your space to bring it all together.

For Your Walls:

  • Ocean Eye 2-Piece Picture Frame Kit: These framed canvases are perfect for bringing the ocean to your space. They can be hung together or separately on two different walls in your home.
  • Petting Metal Lace Accent Wall Mirror: This mirror doesn’t scream “beachy,” but the turquoise or white color would definitely work.
  • Seaglass Prints (Set of 2): These prints are reminiscent of sea glass that you might find as you’re combing the beach for shells and other treasures. The frames are made of durian wood, and you can buy the pictures individually or as a set.
  • Vintage Portuguese Tiles Multi-Panel Canvas Wall Art: If you’ve ever traveled through the seaside towns of Portugal or seen pictures, you’ll see these tiles everywhere. Elephant Stock gives you four different configurations for these canvases – so pick the one you love!

For Your Floors:

  • Amalfi Rug: Rugs are a great way to tie a look together. This Amalfi Rug has sea creatures and the perfect colors to bring the beach to your home.
  • Blue Malibu Rug: Looking to incorporate different shades of blue, then this rug will do it. It comes in several different sizes, so measure your space to decide which size you need.
  • Safavieh Handmade Bella Tilda Modern Floral Wool Rug: Yes, it’s a floral print, but the neutral white color and the texturing also give it the look of sand. It’s available in a round or rectangular shape and even has a version that has some blue hues in it.


  • White Spike Coral: This pretty white coral would make a great addition to any bookshelf, entry table, or coffee table. (Plus, be sure to check out the other beach decor that Pottery Barn has available.)
  • Tempeste Platter: This handpainted porcelain platter is elegant and has that beach vibe you want. The colors are gorgeous and would be great on a coffee table or kitchen table.
  • Beach Cottage Candle: Do you miss the smell of the ocean? Well, you don’t have to when you burn this candle at home. Homesick Candles creates candles that evoke memories of the places you love. This one that’s named “Beach Cottage” is supposed to remind you of: Salty ocean air with hot sand under foot. Afternoon tides leave driftwood, seaweed and conch shells scattered along the shore.
  • Natural Banana Leaf Harper Basket with White Macrame: Baskets are not only a great way to decorate your home, but they also add additional storage should you need it. These are available at World Market and come in two sizes depending on where you want to place them.
  • Ivory Knots Pillow with Tassels: Pillows are a great way to add some dimension to a room. This Ivory Knots Pillow with Tassels is neutral in color, but you’ll appreciate the details in the design.

Don’t let your love for the beach be found only while you’re on vacation! Bring the beach to your home by making a few easy decor changes.

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