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Living and working in one place for a while can sometimes put us into a monotonous routine. It’s time to fall back in love with your city and remember all the reasons you came here! Get involved and invested in the community around you. Make the change happen that you want to see, and benefit others around you. There are several ways that you can make a big impact in your community by doing small things.

  1. Discover your passion and pursue it. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What do you love learning about? These are your passions, and there are others out there who share the same ones as you! Find a group or join a club that’s related to these interests. If you love cooking, take cooking classes; if you love painting, join a local guild or collective. When you join a group, you’ll learn about more opportunities around you to be involved in. You’ll also be surrounded with like-minded folks who can become excellent new friends.
  2. Make a commitment to volunteer at a local non-profit. Even if you’re only able to work a few hours a year, non-profit organizations are always looking for extra help. Find a non-profit that you have a passion for, and call them to schedule a time to meet or an event to join. There are usually plenty to choose from. You can volunteer at food banks, humane shelters, and mentor programs like Big Brother Big Sister. It can be a fun and new way to help out your community. If hands-on style of volunteering isn’t best for you, then serve on a board to assist with planning and fundraising. Non-profits are always in desperate need of extra funds and usually need someone to help budget and plan for big events.
  3. Shop local. The big box stores have their place, but as much as possible, try and support the locally owned and operated stores in your area. Your neighbors own these shops. Instead of giving your dollars to a corporation, keep your local economy strong by giving your business to your local grocer, handyman, and clothing shops. This way, everyone wins.
  4. See the sites. Be a tourist in your own city. Far too often we overlook the little gems that make a city beautiful. We forget to use the public spaces and fall into our routine of work, school, and home. Take a walk through the local parks and get to know others in your city. Attend local shows and support the arts. Go on guided tours and learn about the history of your town. Find a hole in the wall restaurant to go to. Most of the time, these are the hidden gems that give your city its personality.

Take it all in and become an active member of your community. You’ll meet new friends, care for your neighbors, and make positive changes in your local economy. It’s all about making connections. You don’t have to devote hundreds of hours to making change; one step at a time will get the job done. In the end, you’ll fall in love with your city all over again!



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