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When it comes to date night do you always feel you go to the same places and do the same thing? Lots of people do. It can be hard to break a comfortable pattern. But, maybe it’s time to head someplace different for dinner and find a new activity to do after. Take a look at this list of restaurants to choose from and then pick a post-dinner activity to try on your next date night!


Heading out to dinner is definitely a standard part of most date nights – as it should be! Dinner is a great time to reconnect with your partner while you enjoy some delicious food and drink. And remember, dinner doesn’t have to be fancy – just tasty!


  • date-night-ideas-in-toms-river-for-dinner-andIl Giardinello


Il Giardinello is a fantastic Italian restaurant with a relaxed elegance. Don’t let the white tablecloths keep you from coming here if you are in the mood for some delicious Italian dishes. Start with some insalata di mare (combination of shrimp, calamari, and scungilli) and then pick one of their tasty main courses. If you’re unsure of what to order as a main course consider the beef braciola pizzaiola or chicken scarpariello if you like some spice! Il Giardinello is a “BYOB” establishment so be sure to pick up your favorite wine or beer before arriving.


  • Famished Eatery


While the menu is not big, the food is delicious. Famished Eatery has become renowned for their ⅓ pound burgers and for good reason – they’re out of this world. If you and your date are looking for a good burger, a wrap or salad along with some tasty fries and onion rings then head here.


  • Mi Mexico Lindo


Shouldn’t every date night start with chips and salsa? Yes! Mi Mexico Lindo brings you a tasty salsa and chips to start your meal and then you have the tough decision of choosing what you’d like for dinner. The mole sauce over the enchiladas is always a good choice and if you like tamales you might want to give theirs a try. This restaurant serves some delicious Mexican food that won’t disappoint.

After Dinner…

While you could end date night with some dessert at the restaurant, it’s always fun to find something to do afterward.


  • Solve the Room


Are you good at solving puzzles and riddles? Head to Solve the Room and try out one of their 4 escape rooms. Each room has a different theme and some are easier than others so pick accordingly. Don’t forget to book ahead of time to ensure that you can have the room you want at the time you need.


  • Bury the Hatchet


Feel like channeling your inner lumberjack? Then head to Bury the Hatchet to give axe throwing a try! That’s right! You can throw an axe at wooden targets! There are rules so watch the video on their website before you go and book a reservation if you are concerned about getting a spot.


  • Exit 82: A Toms River Theatre Company


If you’d like to sit back and watch some good theatre productions then Exit 82 is a great choice. With new shows and events all the time, be sure to check their webpage to see what is currently happening here.


  • McIntyre’s Pub


If you fancy an after dinner drink and the chance to hear live music, play trivia, watch some sports or maybe play some darts then McIntyre’s Irish Pub will welcome you. It’s best to follow them on Facebook to see what’s happening there as they update Facebook quite often.

If you’re planning your next date night maybe you can add one of these places to your itinerary. Or, if you have favorite places here in Toms River that you love to go to – share them! We’d love to know where you like to go on date night!


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