What To Put In An Apartment Emergency Kit

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Emergencies happen when we least expect it, and they put us in a state of panic. Our basic survival instincts kick in, and we reach for the closest things by us. You won’t have time or the clarity of mind to grab all of the essentials that you need to have on you in case of an emergency. Have an apartment emergency kit pre-packed with all of these items so that you don’t leave anything behind:

  1. what-to-put-in-an-apartment-emergency-kitImportant Documents: Have copies of important documents, such as your driver’s license, marriage license, deeds, birth certificate, passport, etc. If there is anything on your laptop that you want to have with you, put a few important files on a flash drive, and/or have them stored in a password protected cloud database.
  2. Flashlight: Have a battery or solar powered flashlight with you. You will be defenseless in the dark. The first thing is to have a light source that you can depend on.
  3. Knife: Have a multitool, and if nothing else, pack a knife with you. You can use it to open packages, eat, cut cords, etc. It’s always handy to have a sharp knife on hand in an emergency situation.
  4. Batteries: Have a spare set of batteries with you that will work with your flashlight and any other electronics that you have with you.
  5. First Aid: Pack a case of bandages, ointments, gauze, tape, medications, and pain killers. Bring the medications that you are prescribed, as well as a few others that you use often, such as nasal sprays, decongestants, and stomach medications. You should also have things like cotton balls, q-tips, sanitary products, tissues, and toilet paper with you.
  6. Maps: Paper maps seem like a things of the past, but if you are stuck in a place without cell service, then a map could very well save your life. Your local AAA has maps available of the local area, as well as any other location that you may be anticipating visiting.
  7. Chargers: Have a spare charger for any electronics that you own. Have a cell phone charger with the wall attachments, a computer charger, and a radio charger if needed. Electronics are only as good as long as the charge holds. Extend their usefulness by bringing as many chargers with you as possible.
  8. Change of Clothes: Pack a simple change of clothes that will work any time of year. Have a basic shirt, undergarments, pants, socks and shoes ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  9. Toiletries: You won’t have time or space to pack your entire bathroom, but you will want to have a few basics like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap. Pack them in a separate small bag so that they don’t spill on your other items.
  10. Cash: Have about $100-$200 in small bills tucked in a safe place in the bag. A little bit of cash can do a lot for you in an emergency. You can buy food, pay for a place to stay, or buy other necessities that you forgot to pack.

Have the kit in an easy to access location. Make sure everyone who lives with you knows where the bag is and what is inside. It’s vital that this bag makes it outside with you in the event of an emergency. You’ll be glad that you thought ahead and were prepared if you ever need it.

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