Coolest Things to Buy for the Kitchen on Amazon for under $15

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Amazon has virtually anything and everything you can think of to buy. Not only do they offer a wide range of products, but you can find many of them for very affordable prices. If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen, you can easily do so by shopping on Amazon. Here are six cool kitchen products you can find on Amazon for under $15.

Bottle opener ring: $1.16

This bottle opener is perfect for the avid beer drinker who doesn’t want to spend precious time looking for a bottle opener. Not only is it portable, but it doubles as an intriguing fashion accessory. Talk about a conversation starter! This party and kitchen must-have is a no-brainer. Wow everyone at the party with your effortless beer opening capabilities.

LED sink faucet sprayer nozzle: $6.39

Light up your sink with an LED faucet sprayer nozzle. This little add-on will transform your boring kitchen into a ray of colored light. It’s simple to attach, too. All you need to do is unscrew the existing spout, install the batteries, and screw on the new spout. Don’t limit yourself to just the kitchen. You can put these in the bathroom or anywhere else you have a utility sink. The kids will love seeing their toothbrush light up underneath the water. Getting ready for bed just became a little less dreadful.

3-in-1 Avocado slicer: $7.99

Who doesn’t love this creamy, delicious fruit? Ordinary kitchen utensils easily mush their soft wonderfulness, but not with the avocado slicer. This little gadget glides through the skin, has the perfect sized pit remover, and makes slicing a breeze. It’ll have you dreaming of all the avocado toast and guacamole in your future.

Strawberry Huller: $5.99

This handy-dandy little guy will give you the perfect strawberry every time. You don’t have to awkwardly bite around the leaves, or cut more than necessary trying to make your strawberry platter look presentable for your party. The Strawberry Huller has little arms that extend out in a cone shape. It only removes the leaves and the white core, leaving you with the perfect ripe strawberry. You’ll have endless amounts of pop-able, no-fuss strawberries!

Bear Paws Meat Shredder: $12.95

The manliest of manly kitchen utensils. After you have grilled or smoked a Boston Butt, grab these claws to rip the meat apart for serving pulled pork. Get back to your primal roots by using Bear Paws to shred your prey. These claws are made from BPA-free nylon, which are FDA approved. Don’t worry about leaving these near the grill—they are melt proof too, up to 475 degrees. Not to mention, they are dishwasher safe, making clean-up easy.

Get one for him and her! The Bear Paws come in various colors from black to pink and more. These time savers will get you from the grill and back to the party in no time.

Flashing LED Multi-Colored Freezable Ice Cubes: $14.95

Add more life to your party with these flashing LED multi-color freezable ice cubes. Have a cocktail? Keep it cold and fun with these ice cubes. The cubes are submersible and will turn on when they touch liquid. You don’t have to use alcohol with these ice cubes. They’re even fun beyond the bar; you can put them in flower vases to add to your sweetheart’s gift, or use them for kid’s birthday parties for a big hit!

The options are limitless when it comes to kitchen utensils online. With Amazon, shopping for the perfect new kitchen gadgets has never been easier. The best part is that all of these products can be purchased for under $15! What’s not to love? Get shopping!

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