Best Halloween Costumes for Couples 2017

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It’s almost that time of year again! Couples costumes can be so difficult sometimes because you want it to be something new and funny, but not too complicated either. Here is a list of a few trending couples Halloween costume ideas that’ll make you and your significant other the hit of the party!

  1.     Snapchat filters: If you need a last minute costume that’s sure to impress, then pick your favorite snapchat filter! Become the real life version of the Internet You. All it takes is a little facepaint or makeup to get started, and soon you’ll become the Vomit Rainbow, Flower Crown, Sweet Doe, or the playful Puppy Dog. Complete the look with a few costume ears from amazon, and a basic T-shirt. For added fun, you can add circle cut-outs of other filter options on your shirt!
  2.     Game of Thrones: Joffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark are a completely unforgettable couple who gripped everyone’s hearts. Even though their love isn’t for fairytales, it still makes for a fantastic costume. Look online for medieval apparel, or you can pay a few extra bucks for true representations of the outfits from the show.
  3.     Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers: Become one of the most hilarious shows on TV right now. Even though they are odd, they are an adorable couple. Throw on a thick mustache and a white apron for Bob. Get some retro red glasses, a black wig, and a white apron for Linda. If you’ve got a few kids, then the whole gang can become the Belchers! Think up a few “burger of the day” names to fire out at your friends for a good laugh! You can find outfits at K-mart, HotTopic, and Halloween Express.
  4.     Portlandia: Who doesn’t love everyone’s favorite feminist bookstore owners, Candace and Toni?! This quirky couple will have everyone howling. For Candace, get a long grey wig and pair it with a long floral pattern dress with an oversized knit sweater. It works best if a guy is dressed as Candace. For Toni, you’ll need a long black wig with blunt bangs, some glasses, and a similar outfit to Candace. Goodwill should be a goldmine of excellent outfit choices. Hold a few books from Women and Women First, and you’re ready to go!
  5.     The Walking Dead: There are so many excellent couples from this show, it’s hard to choose which one to dress as. You can become a Zombie Couple, Maggie and Glen, or even Rick and Michonne. The Zombie Couple may be the easiest. Rip up some old clothes, rub them in the dirt a bit, and splash some fake blood around the tears. Then, tousle your hair, and add plenty of fake blood to your mouth, and there you have it. If you want to go the extra mile and become undead, then you can buy some latex kits that will look like open wounds. Yikes!
  6.     Netflix and Chill: It’s so easy, and oh so funny. Grab some simple tees, and cut out the Netflix logo and attach it to one of the shirts. Then, write out, “…and Chill” and attach it to the other shirt. Done. It’s simple and everyone at the party will definitely get it. This costume is perfect for couples, especially if this is you and your significant other’s favorite pastime.

Are you still looking for inspiration? Take an opportunity to become part of your favorite TV show! Think about your favorite thing to watch, and then become it. If you don’t want to create a costume, then do a quick Google search. You’ll be surprised what costumes are available online.  Happy Halloween!


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