Activities to Make Father’s Day More Special Than Ever

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Father’s Day isn’t one of the most popular holidays, but it does have the chance to be one of the most meaningful. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the perfect father who’s given so much to you. If you’re at a loss for what you can do to keep Dad entertained on Father’s Day, consider these fun and meaningful activities.

Create a Meaningful Gift Together

As you know, “It’s the thought that counts.” A store-bought Father’s Day card may certainly look nice and professional, but it doesn’t quite show the same level of thought and care that a self-crafted card does. A scrappy, handmade card usually blows those store-bought cards out of the water.

The same goes for presents. While he’d probably really enjoy another golf club or a fresh new tie, nothing quite says “thank you” like a homemade gift. But don’t think that you need to keep the gift-making process a secret:  you can use Father’s Day as a bonding opportunity by making something together. Whether that’s a small crafts activity that’s suitable for the young ones or something a little more involved–like putting together a new bookcase–working on it together will create memories that last longer than the gift itself.

Do Something Active That Dad Likes

What better way to spend Father’s Day than to do something that Dad actually wants to do? Celebrate his interests by taking part in the things he wants to do, even if it’s something that’s not very exciting for you. This could be anything from a round of golf to a boat ride. Just be sure to take the load off him by planning all that you can yourself.

Keep in mind that if Dad works hard throughout the week, he might not be up for a full day of activities. If so, consider going out for only a few hours and then heading back home for some lazy family time. Sometimes it’s not the actual activity that matters, but the company in which you spend your time.

Set Plans for a Special Event

Although a hand-crafted gift or one that’s made together would please any father, you can also show him you care in buying him a different sort of present. While that seems to go against the advice of giving something personal and self-made, you can still show some thoughtfulness while at the same time setting up an activity for the man of the house.

Consider surprising him on Father’s Day with tickets to one of his favorite bands or a festival that fits his interests. Or maybe you can book a reservation to a restaurant that serves his favorite food. The event need not necessarily take place on Father’s Day itself. Booking something in advance will give him something to look forward to.

Father’s Day is the best time to bond with Dad, create some fun memories, and learn what he enjoys to do. Think of it as a learning experience – maybe you can surprise him with one of his favorite activities some other time.

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