5 Ways To Use Fruit In Your Everyday Life

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Fruit-WaterWe should all probably eat a bit more fruit every day. But whether it’s the price of bananas in the winter that turn you off, or the fact that there’s just too many other options on the menu, the truth is that most people likely don’t get their daily recommended dosage of fruits.

The average American doesn’t get enough fruits in their diet every day. Luckily, here are 5 ways to use fruit in your everyday life.

Add It To Water

Something else that you may want to add more of to your diet could be water. You can knock out two goals in one by combining fruit with water. The end result is a hydrating treat that will refuel you on a hot summer day. Some of our favorite fruits to add to water include watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries. You can play around with a few other options and who knows what you’ll find that you end up liking.

Try Something New

If you are someone that steers away from the kitchen, that might be the reason that you don’t eat enough fruits. If that’s the case, then open up a new cookbook or download an app, and see what fruity options they have. Not only will you eat healthier options, but you’ll also learn something new in the process.

Tasty Tip! – Try freezing vegetables like grapes or blueberries. Eat them as they are frozen and you may end up with a new favorite snack.

Blend Up A Smoothie

Fruit-SmoothieLooking for the perfect way to hydrate after that tough summer workout? Blend up your fruit in a smoothie, add some protein, and you’ll be feeling like a champ for the rest of the day. You can even substitute milk for water for an even more fulfilling snack.

Another option, if you don’t enjoy smoothies, is to grind or grate your food. You can make homemade pudding, yogurt, carrot strips, or any other sort of fruity snack that you like. Having fruits ready to go in an alternative form other than just as they are may be the secret you need to getting more every day.

Always Go Healthy When Out

One reason that you may not be eating enough fruit is because you don’t have it lying around the home or because you prefer to eat out with friends. If that’s the case, then consider always going for healthier fruit options when you are out. Even though the healthier options on the menu may not be as good as what you usually get, sticking to a rule that ensures you will get your healthier options in your diet.

Just Do It

Adding fruit to your diet has to become a habit that you get used to doing very often. Instead of immediately going for the chip & cookie or microwave dinner isles at the grocery story, go straight for the fruit. Getting in the habit of healthier fruits will make it easier to keep them in your diet.

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