4 Apps That Are Guaranteed to Make You the Life of the Party

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Smartphones and the apps that go with them have made our lives easier in most areas, including how we celebrate. Whether you’re hosting some friends for the evening or you’re out for a night on the town, there are a few apps that will make the experience a littler easier–and a bit more fun–for everyone. Before you and your friends get up to celebrating, make sure you have these apps installed on your phone.

Get Everyone Playing Along With Heads Up

While most folks will be content enough to sit around and have a conversation or put on a movie for entertainment, games are an especially amusing way to pass the time. Although board games are starting to come back in style, some might not be up for such a large time commitment, and you might not be prepared to include however many people you have in your troupe. Smartphone games to the rescue! Heads Up, which is like a modern game of charades, requires you to hold your phone to your forehead while everyone else acts out what’s written on the screen to get you guessing correctly. It’s more fun than it sounds, and it’s surprisingly addicting.

Be the Craft Beer Guru With Untappd

Craft beer is bigger than ever, and it seems that each year, the number of beers out there gets exponentially larger. So, if you’re out at the bar or you’re picking up some beers for a hosted tasting event, you’ll want to be informed. Untappd is probably the best app for finding reviews of all the different beers out there. Not only can you get information about what beer your drink is, but you can also read reviews and see check-ins from others who’ve recently had the same thing. Bonus: you can log your drinks, and your personal thoughts on them, for future reference.

Use Foursquare to Find the Next Stop

If you and your friends are in for a long night, chances are that you won’t want to stay cooped up in one place the whole time. Rather than spend 15 minutes arguing back-and-forth about where to go next, turn to Foursquare to find out what’s worth checking out around you. You may or may not know the best places around town, but even so, Foursquare will clue you in on both the popular hotspots and hidden treasures in your area, sorted by general user consensus. One of Foursquare’s best features is its filters, which allow you to find exactly what you and your group are looking for, be it a place with cheap eats, one that has live music, or a business that’s recommended by people you know

Call an Uber for Yourself and Friends

Making sure your friends get home safely may not make you the “life of the party,” but it will definitely make you the low-key hero of the night. If you somehow haven’t used Uber yet, what are you waiting for? The app didn’t change the transportation industry for nothing – it makes ordering a ride home as easy as tapping a button and entering in your destination. Depending on your area, wait times are usually quite short, too. While you could spend half an hour waiting for an overpriced taxi to come you up, you could already be home at a fraction of the price by choosing Uber.

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