Top 5 Websites/Blogs For Sports Lovers

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While websites like and are often considered to be the most visited outlets for sports coverage, these sites aren’t perfect for all fanatics. Sometimes the material on these outlets can be repetitive, obscure, or even bias. While you may find that anywhere you go, there are some outlets out there that provide alternative options for sports coverage from a different perspective.

Whether you’re looking for the next home run, slam dunk, or knockout; here are the top 5 websites/blogs for sports lovers that you should be following.

Rant Sports

Rant Sports is surely worth visiting, as they offer input from multiple writers all over the United States and Canada. Once these writers post their thoughts, others can offer feedback and thoughts. Ahead of most of other options online, Rant Sports leads the way with fanatic interaction. If you want your voice to be heard, while also getting great sports coverage, Rant Sports should be stored in your bookmarks online.

The Post Game

Sports-EquipmentThe Post Game offers a bit of everything for anything that is sports related. From what cars your favorite athletes are driving, to how to make the ultimate man cave, you’ll find a bit of everything on this site. The topics are typically geared towards a male demographic, which might be perfect for what you’re looking for if you want a grittier perspective on sports.


Find out about the next big thing in sports long before it happens. Scout provides a look into the lives of up-and-coming athletes, as well as today’s top stars. The layout is designed in the way of multiple fun interactive videos, which is perfect for the ride to work or on your lunch break. Make sure you’re ready for all the water cooler talk by always being in the know with Scout.


YardBarker is geared towards opinions and the humorous side of sports. The site also just released a new app, which makes it even easier to follow along with your favorite teams and players. Yardbarker offers great MMA coverage and follows other sports that you may not see on the main news outlets, making it worth checking for that inside information.


It’s likely that you either love or hate a site like Deadspin. In many cases, they provide sports information that you may not find useful. However, many people find Deadspin worth following on social media for their frequently updated information. They also provide a unique look into gossip and rumors of sports, which can be interesting if they end up being true. Deadspin is certainly a unique look on sports, but it’s that original viewpoint that makes them worth following.

A real sports fan will look to many different outlets to find the best information to stay in the loop. Aside from just checking the big outlets like ESPN or, be sure to add these top 5 websites/blogs for sports lovers to your list of resources.

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