Top 10 Reasons to Teach Your Child to Golf

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There are lots of sports that children can participate in today. Baseball, soccer, gymnastics – just to name a few. What should your child choose? If you’re looking to explore options when it comes to sports, don’t forget about golf. Golf is often an overlooked sport for kids, but there are so many reasons that children should get involved that it just may move to the top of your list.


  1. top-10-reasons-to-teach-your-child-to-golfGolf Gets Your Kids Outside: In this day and age when video games and iPads seem to be everywhere, it’s nice for kids to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and greenery. Golf is ideal for this. Your children can start slow by heading to the driving range or putting green, and slowly work their way up to 9 holes or 18 holes of golf.
  2. Golf Is a Lifelong Sport: You have to love that golf is a sport for all ages. Start your children young where they can learn the fundamentals of golf. They will be able to continue playing golf as they age and into retirement.
  3. Golf Teaches Your Child to Manage Her Emotions: To be honest, golf can be a frustrating game. Bad shots, missed putts, and missing balls all make for moments on the course when you really want to quit. But, you learn to keep your emotions in check because if you are upset, it’s going to show in your golf game. Golf can teach kids to shake off a bad shot and recover for their next one. That’s definitely a good life lesson.
  4. Golf Is a Game for All: No matter your age, sex, body shape, ethnic background – you name it – golf is a sport for all.
  5. Golf Is Good for Your Child’s Health: Many youth sports today have some risks attached to them. Parents worry about concussions or other injuries in sports where there is a high level of contact. Golf is a relatively safe sport when it comes to the risk of major injury. Additionally, walking the golf course is good exercise – especially if you’re carrying your own bag!
  6. Golf Teaches Your Child Rules and Etiquette: There are a lot of rules in golf. Because of these rules, golf is a great sport to teach your child the importance of following rules. They will learn that if they don’t follow the rules that there are penalties and consequences – another great life lesson. Additionally, there is a lot of etiquette in the sport of golf. It’s awesome to teach your child why they need to be quiet during someone’s drive or why you rake out the sand traps after you get your ball out. These common courtesies on the golf course translate into life off the course as well.
  7. Golf Teaches Your Child Personal Responsibility: When it comes to teaching a child personal responsibility, golf does a great job of this. Kids learn to show up to the course on time, so that tee times are not missed. They learn to take care of their clubs and equipment. They learn that the bad shots they take are due to them alone – not a team member. They learn that time spent practicing is what makes them better.
  8. Golf Allows Your Child to Spend Time with Family and Friends: While golf is an individual game (the majority of the time), it is a great game for spending time with family and friends. Children can spend time with their family engaging not only in the sport of golf, but also in great conversation. There are not a lot of sports where you can easily talk with one another while playing.
  9. Golf Is Challenging: Golf is challenging for kids. Even a child with a natural golf ability will find challenges. Certain shots are more difficult than others. Certain courses are more challenging. Children will learn that challenges are good and that practice can help them make improvements.
  10. Golf is Humbling: Because golf is so challenging, it is also humbling. When teaching kids to golf, remind them of this: A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant. Children will make lots of mistakes as they learn the game of golf – and that’s okay.

Now is the time to start thinking about getting your kids into the sport of golf. Head to that driving range or putting green and let them get started! It’s a great sport for everyone!


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