Places to Play Mini Golf Around Toms River, NJ

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If you feel like working on your golf swing, you’ve got a few great options for golf courses in the nearby area. But what if you’re feeling like getting into something a little more low-stakes, a little more… miniature? Turns out that there’s plenty of that around, too. Here are some of your best putt putt options near Toms River.

Barnacle Bill’s Amusements

Located on the Jersey Shore in Ortley Beach, Barnacle Bill’s has it all if you’re not looking for more than just a good game of (mini) golf. An arcade, restaurant, and all-around fun place to be, Barnacle Bill’s Amusements sits in the shadow of a larger-than-life lumberjack statue – you can’t miss it. As far as their mini golf goes, you’ve got a full 18 holes that customers have called challenging, but worthwhile. Plus, you’re right on the beach!

Castaway Cove Miniature Golf

Situated on Point Pleasant Beach, the Castaway Cove mini golf course is based around the theme of a shipwreck, and it takes players through fun locales like caves and waterfalls as they play their round. Castaway Cove is just one part of the larger Jenkinson’s Boardwalk collection of attractions that range between everything from your typical boardwalk games to rides to batting cages. Like they say, come for the mini golf, stay for the millions of other things to do. That’s what they say, right?

Lighthouse Point Miniature Golf Club

Point Pleasant’s other mini golf offering, Lighthouse Point is a little farther away from the action, which is good if you’re looking get away from the noise and really work on your putt putt game. There are two courses available here, one being for beginners and one meant for more advanced players, although neither should pose too much of a challenge. Unlike Castaway Cove, you won’t find much in the way of trick shots or set pieces. Here, it’s all about the skill of the game.

Manchester Family Golf Center

While many of the nearest mini golf options in the area are located in amusements parks, this isn’t the case with Manchester Family Golf Center, whose name hints at its broader interest in all things golf. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t come here for the mini golf – Manchester Family Golf Center sports a “championship” mini golf course, complete with 18 holes that are surrounded by idyllic bridges and fountains. However, if you feel like letting the kids do their thing while you let loose on the driving range, that’s definitely a possibility here as well.

Wacky Rooftop Golf

How can you not check out a place called Wacky Rooftop Golf? Indeed, this mini golf course, split across five bridge-connected buildings in Seaside Heights, lives up to its name, with not just 18, but a whopping 25 holes to putt across. Loop-the-loops, windmills, and all the usual trick-shot mini golf fare you expect can be found here, with the difference being, of course, that you’re dozens of feet off the ground. Hope you’re not scared of heights!

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