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If you are the one that is always throwing a BBQ for your friends and family for Memorial Day, then there is probably no questioning your skills as a grill master. However, having tasty food is only one part of throwing the perfect Memorial Day party. After all, you don’t want your guests to get bored and then look for a reason to leave the party early.

To make sure that your guests enjoy the entertainment as much as they do the food, here are some great Memorial Day party games that everyone will be sure to enjoy.

Blindfolded Potato Sack Race

A good, old-fashioned potato sack race will spice up any outdoor party. Throw a blindfold on the contestants, and there is no telling what insanity will ensue! Potato sack races are also great because people of all ages can take part, which is great for those having BBQs younger family members.


You can’t get much more fun than cornhole, which is why it’s the perfect BBQ game. If you have a bit of extra time, consider making your own cornhole setup out of wood and paint. This will make for an even more enjoyable time playing this fun game. If no kids are around, consider adding a few adult beverages as wagering pieces for the winners of a game. Cornhole is a ton of fun and should certainly be at your Memorial Day BBQ.


Throw down a stake on the ground and then start whirling some horseshoes at it. This classic BBQ game is so easy to set up and everyone knows how to play. Horseshoe games also go by pretty quickly, which means your guests won’t get bored while waiting for their turn to play.


Another game that is probably better for BBQs with older attendees is bocce. This game requires you have a bocce set, but it’s certainly worth investing in if you host a lot of summer events. Bocce is a great game because it requires skill and technique, but it’s also classy and sophisticated.

Cards Against Humanity

The sun is setting and the fire pit is roaring at your Memorial Day BBQ. Once the kids head inside to watch their favorite Disney movie, pull out Cards Against Humanity for an adult game that everyone will love. This game includes combining cards to present hypothetical scenarios that are just hilarious. The scenes get pretty intense, so it’s not a game for the conservative. But if you have a Memorial Day party with fun friends, it’s certainly a great game to have.

Your Memorial Day BBQ is going to have amazing food, there’s no questioning that since you are a master griller. But if you are worried that the activities you have planned aren’t going to keep your guests entertained, switch the games to those mentioned here. Everyone will be sure to have a great time and your Memorial Day BBQ will be remembered for years to come.

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