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New Jersey is known for all kinds of things, from diners to beaches to its delicious food. There are tons of different foods that have originated from the state of New Jersey and some have become favorites all around the world. These are a few of the most famous foods that call New Jersey.

Tomatoes and Tomato Pies

New Jersey isn’t called the Garden State for nothing! Jersey is a huge producer of corn, eggplant, and different kinds of berries, but the best vegetable to come out of the Garden State could be the Jersey tomato. Jersey tomatoes have gained notoriety as some of the freshest and tastiest tomatoes on the market, in part because of the way they are grown. New Jersey does not have a lot of commercial farms where quantity is more of a concern than quality. The farms in Jersey tend to be smaller and there are still a fair amount that are family owned. There is more of a concern on quality in Jersey Tomatoes than in most other tomatoes on the market. Jersey has grown tomatoes for a long time, which helped bring about the tomato pie. The tomato pie might not sound all that appetizing to an outsider, but if you try it you will know why it is so beloved. It got it’s start in Trenton years ago and is your average pizza but instead of the focus being on the topping, cheese, crust, or anything else, it is all about the tomato sauce. There are different spin offs to the tomato pie, but they all resemble a normal pizza with the sauce much more prevalent. Of course, the tomato pie is best made with fresh Jersey tomatoes!

Pork Roll (Taylor Ham)

It is going to be hard to find something from New Jersey as popular as pork roll. The meat, often served for breakfast, got it’s start in Trenton as far back as the mid 1800’s. If you have never had pork roll, it looks and feels similar to bologna but is a more hearty meat. It can be served a number of different ways, but sandwiches, omelettes, with eggs, or just with cheese are the most popular variations. Pork roll has become so popular that there is now a huge annual festival that takes place in Trenton focused on it. The event is full of different merchandise, contests, music, and sponsors all centered around pork roll. To find out more about next year’s pork roll festival visit porkrollfestival.com

Hot Dogs

While New Jersey certainly did not invent the hot dog, they put a unique spin on it. Jersey has hot dog stands all over like you don’t find anywhere else. Nearby New York City and Coney Island are known internationally for their hot dogs, so Jersey needs to do something to stand out. No matter where you are in the state you are never far from a spot to get a great hot dog. These hot dog stands offer all kinds of unique ways to get your dogs, from deep fried to stuffed with bread. For a full list of other crazy hot dogs you might see in New Jersey see here http://www.saveur.com/best-hot-dogs-styles-new-jersey.

Salt Water Taffy

Certainly the sweetest treat off of our list is the salt water taffy. Salt water taffy comes from Atlantic City and was first made sometime in the late 1800’s. The chewy candy has become a favorite of Jersey shore beach goers. It has become part of the tradition of summer trips to the shore and is a great treat on a hot summer day. It is just traditional taffy with a saltier taste. There is an urban legend that says that saltwater taffy had an interesting beginning. It says that an AC candy store got flooded by a high tide in 1883 and some taffy fell into the water, and the saltwater taffy was born. Even if this isn’t the real way saltwater taffy came about, it is a great story to tell! Salt water taffy may not be the most popular export from New Jersey, but it is one of the best traditions the state has to offer.

There are all kinds of other treats and foods from New Jersey that didn’t make our list, these are just the more popular ones. As one of the oldest states in the US, Jersey has spurred all kinds of foods that we have come to know and love.

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    Thanks for this great article. I’d also like to introduce another New Jersey diner favorite, disco fries. These are fries covered in gravy and topped with chunks of melted mozzarella. Such an indulgent comfort food and a must try.

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