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No matter how much you have planned for kids, there are still going to be times when they need a break, or, perhaps you need a break. And that may mean it’s time to grab the iPad or laptop and let them spend some time on the internet.

Sure, you could let them watch YouTube videos or head to the sites of their choosing, but if they’re not sure what they want to do – why not give them a little direction? There are some really fantastic sites out there that the kids will love – and are educational too! 

  • Funbrain: Funbrain is geared for kids in grades 1-8 and has printable worksheets, online games, guided lessons, and lesson plans. There are a wide variety of topics, from science and math to travel games and scavenger hunts.
  • Funology: Do your kids love science? Then check out Funology! Funology bills itself as the “science of having fun.” This site has arts and crafts, recipes, science experiments, magic, games, trivia, and more. Be sure to take a look at the science experiments, which are based on biology, chemistry, physics, and weather. 
  • Switch Zoo: Animal Games: Children who love animals will love the Switch Zoo: Animal Games website. Kids can build their own biomes, go on a “scavengers hunt,” play memory, or do puzzles. There are also several virtual field trips that will help your child use their creativity.
  • CoolMath: If you want your kids to improve their math skills and have fun doing it – then CoolMath is the answer. It has math for students of all levels – from kindergarten to those studying pre-calculus. There are also tons of fun games and lessons to help kids brush up over the summer.
  • ABCya: Arts and music, math, science, language arts, social studies, and typing games are all found on the ABCya website. This website has both a free version and premium version – so depending on how well your children like this site – it may be worth the investment.
  • BrainPop: BrainPop has long been a favorite among students and teachers. With cool movies, quizzes, challenges, worksheets, and additional readings related to the topic – BrainPop is a very well-rounded resource for kids! 
  • Lil’ Fingers: Do you have a little one who loves to hop on your laptop or iPad? Then point her in the direction of Lil’ Fingers. There are stories to read, lots of games, coloring sheets, and tons of learning activities.
  • PBS Kids: PBS has some beloved characters like Big Bird, Elmo, Clifford, and many others. And the PBS Kids website brings all of those characters from your children’s favorite shows together to play games and watch videos.
  • National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids is perfect for those kids who love the outdoors, animals, science, and learning about things around them. Your children can spend lots of time exploring everything that Nat Geo has assembled for young learners.
  • The Kidz Page: The Kidz Page has lots of fun activities. You can print coloring or learning pages or play them online – depending on your child’s preference. There are movies, puzzles, and games that kids can play and lots of holiday activities, too.
  • Highlights for Kids: If you loved Highlights magazine when you were a child, then show your children the website. They’ve taken all of the parts of Highlight magazine that you love and created a stellar digital platform. You’ll even find an online version of Hidden Pictures!
  • Disney Jr.: And don’t forget about the Disney Jr. website where your child can play games with all of their favorite characters. Let them have fun playing all of the games and even watching some of their favorite shows!

There is no shortage of great websites that are appropriate and fun for children! These are just a few of them! Which ones do your children love?

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