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Do you have a dog? Is that cute, fluffy bundle of joy an extremely important part of your family? And does he/she get spoiled often? 

If you found yourself nodding affirmatively, then you probably love to treat your dog to a few goodies and treats! And if you’re looking for some things that can pamper your pet – and maybe make life a little easier for you as a pet parent – then check these out!

  • Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium Pen: Looking for a way to keep your dog contained and safe but want it to be stylish and fit with your home decor? Then you are going to love these Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium Pens. They come in several sizes, and you can easily place all of your dog’s favorite things inside. 
  • Pet Grooming Brush/Deshedding Tool: If you have a non-shedding dog, you are lucky. But, if you have a dog that sheds – then you know they need some special attention. Regular grooming is essential, and a good brush/deshedding tool can go a long way to help. This one has a 4.5-star rating – and over 35,000 reviews – so you can count on it to help keep your dog looking good and, hopefully, have less hair on your couch. 
  • Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar: Want a cool leash that will help you keep an eye on your dog? Then this Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Collar is for you. The collar comes in several different colors and sizes, and you’ll love how bright the LED lights are. Plus, it’s rechargeable with a USB cord!
  • Bingpet Artificial Grass Lawn Training Pad: Does your dog hate to go outside during the rain to do “his business”? Or do you have a puppy that you’re working on training? This Artificial Grass Lawn Training Pad can help. The artificial grass helps attract them to the pad – hopefully, preventing accidents in your home.
  • Calming Dog Bed: Did you know that your dog can suffer from anxiety? They sure can! And if you are looking for a way to help your pet be less anxious, this Calming Dog Bed can help. It comes in three different sizes and several different colors and can help your dog to feel comforted – plus, you can put it in the washing machine when you need to clean it!
  • Furbo Dog Camera: How about a camera that has two-way audio and can give your dog a treat while you’re away? Yes, it exists! The Furbo Dog Camera has a 4.6-star rating and will alert you when your dog is barking by sending a push notification to your phone. Then you can turn on the camera and maybe see why he’s so upset – and give him a treat to calm him down.
  • Automatic Ball Launcher: If you have a dog that loves to play fetch, you may find that your arm is tired way before she’s done playing! That’s not a problem when you have the Automatic Ball Launcher! It will throw a ball that your dog can bring back and drop in the launcher – and then start all over again. And you can sit back and watch it all happen!
  • Petfon Dog GPS Tracker: If you like to give your dog some freedom at the park, then you probably take them off of their leash and let them run around. Of course, this means that they have the ability to run away if they’re not well-trained or get frightened. But this Petfon Dog GPS Tracker can help you find them should that happen. This device will definitely give you peace of mind.

Show your dog some love with these cool products. From playtime to safety, there’s something for dogs of all ages – and sizes – on this list! 

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