7 Steps to Making A Vision Board that Actually Works

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A vision board is a new way for people to visually tackle their goals. Most people need to see tangible evidence that their hard work is producing results. A vision board is a great way to help you stay motivated and gives you measurable results. Not just any Pinterest vision board will work. Use this strategy to make the most out of your goals.

  1. 7-steps-to-making-a-vision-board-that-actually-worksSpend Time Personalizing It: Even though it’s not intended to be a decoration, make it one. If it’s something that you are visually drawn to, then you’ll be more likely to spend time with it. Make it nice, and use good paper, quality pins, funky stickers, and other fun ribbons that speak to you. Plus, it is something that you are going to be looking at every day. You’ll want it to be pretty.
  2. Put It Somewhere Visible: It won’t be highly effective if you stick it behind a door, where you can’t see it at all times. Keep yourself on task by placing it in a highly visible spot so you don’t become distracted with the everyday urgent tasks that don’t feed your personal goals. Before you buy or make your board, decide where it will live, and why.
  3. Mark Down 2 Specific Goals That You Want To Accomplish: You may have 100 things on your bucket list to do, but there’s no way that you can do all of those things within the next few months. Choose 1-2 of those 100 things and decide to focus on them for the time being. Start with the big goals, and start to narrow it down. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, then it’s going to take consistent dedication to it.
  4. Set a Deadline for Those Goals: Put down one month, two month, and three month goals for you to hit. If you don’t give yourself deadlines, then you’ll never be motivated to actually complete the task. It’ll give you a measurement of time to look back and see your progress.
  5. Break Out Small Tasks To Complete Every Day: To take your big goal and make it achievable, break it down into bite sized pieces. Keep yourself on task by making it a habit to focus on the goal that you want to tackle. If you want to play the guitar, then the daily task is to practice your cords for at least 30 minutes a day.
  6. Tell Others About Your Goals: It’s great that you are setting things in place to keep yourself motivated on your goals. A way to get an even bigger push is to tell others about your goals. Show them your board, and tell them why you want to achieve that goal. By having an accountability buddy, you’ll have extra support and motivation to stay the course.
  7. Take a Photo of Your Board: When you walk out of your apartment, don’t let the goals stay there. Take them with you so you can keep your mind on them at all times. Take a photo of your board so that you can reference the tasks that you need to do during the day.

It’s not enough to have magazine clippings of your favorite images and sayings. You need to put your board to work for you to accomplish those hard to reach goals. Steady dedication will get you there faster than you might imagine.

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