4 Great Natural Cleaning Products and Their Uses

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Germs are all around us, and they are especially present in our kitchens and bathrooms. Let’s admit it–kids eat off the floor, and sometimes, you do too. Put your mind at ease knowing that everything going into your child’s mouth is safe. You can still protect your family from bad germs without the harmful effects of powerful chemicals.

1.Distilled White Vinegar: Vinegar is one of the most versatile household cleaners that you will own. You can clean everything from hardwood floors and countertops, to window and appliances. Distilled white vinegar has a natural acidity that cuts through grease and grime, while leaving a streak-free shine. The harsh acidity kills nasty germs and bacteria, and even the hard-to-kill germs like salmonella and e. Coli. To clean using vinegar, dilute one part water and one part vinegar and clean any hard surface in the kitchen, floors, or bathrooms, without worrying about the nasty germs that live there.

Vinegar is also a great deodorizer that kills mold easily. Add ½ a cup of vinegar to a full load of laundry to freshen up the clothes and sheets. It’ll make them feel softer, as well as get rid of any funky smells that clothes can hang on to.

2. Baking Soda: Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda, is your next best friend when it comes to natural cleaners. Vinegar is an acid, and baking soda is a base. They are on the opposite ends of the pH scale, making them the perfect pair for getting tough jobs done. Baking soda is coarse in nature, and makes for a great scrubber. Put a good layer of baking soda on stove tops, extra messy countertops, and pots and pans that have baked on food and grease. Use some vinegar on a washcloth to buff out stuck on food and grease spots.

Baking soda is also great at deodorizing and clearing clogged drains. Our pipes twist and turn through our house until they reach the main sewer line. Sometimes, food and junk can build up in our pipes, giving our house a funky odor. Pour ½ cup of baking soda down the smelly drain, and follow with ½ a cup of vinegar. Wait about 15 minutes, and then pour boiling water down, clearing the pipes.

3. Coarse Salt + Citrus: For extra scrubbing power, combine coarse sea salt with a halved lemon to buff any surface clean. This is especially powerful on copper. Over time, copper starts to turn from being exposed to elements, water, grease, and the air. A nice polish with salt and lemon will bring back any copper item to its original beauty. Use this trick to get rid of rust on cast iron pans before you season them. It’s a great natural cleaner to use on your pots and pans. You won’t have to worry about ingesting any toxic chemicals while you cook with your shiny pots and pans.

4. Club Soda: We’ve all heard people shout for club soda when something spills in old movies. It’s true; club soda is excellent at pulling out stains in fabrics! Even the difficult red wine or lipstick stains will come up with club soda. The oxidizing power of the bubbles lifts the stain so you can rinse it away without leaving a mark.

Achieving a sparkling clean house doesn’t have to take a closet full of store bought cleaners. You can use what’s in your pantry right now to disinfect and make your house shine from top to bottom. There’s nothing better than having the peace of mind that you have a clean and safe environment for your kids to be kids.

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