10 Tips for Flower Arranging

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“The Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

flower arrangementWhen spring comes each year, it certainly seems as if the Earth is laughing – a lot. Flowers seem to pop up everywhere – outside in the parks, at your local garden centers, in your farmers’ markets. They are beautiful in color and wide in variety. And, they are perfect for bringing home and adding a burst of color to your home!

The next time you bring home some flowers, use these tips to create a gorgeous arrangement.


  • Cut Your Stems: While your flowers probably look quite healthy, if you want to keep them that way, be sure to cut the stems before you place them in a vase. To maximize the amount of stem that comes in contact with the water, cut them at a 45-degree angle. This will help them to take in more water and, hopefully, last a little longer.


  • Pick Your Vessel with Care: When it comes to choosing a vase or vessel for your flowers, choose with care. Do your flowers have long stems that can handle a taller vase? Or, are the stems shorter with larger blooms that may look better in a wide bowl? Pick something that will complement your flowers.


  • Florist’s Foam, Flower Frogs, and Cellophane Tape Are Your Friends: You may find that your flowers need some extra support. You can use florist’s foam or flower frogs to help. They can keep those long stems in place so that your arrangement looks professional. If you don’t have florist’s foam or a flower frog, use cellophane tape to create a grid across your vase or bowl to help keep your flowers in the proper position.


  • Play With Heights: You don’t want to create an arrangement where every flower is the same height. Make sure you cut your stems to different heights to bring some variation to your floral design.


  • Add Texture: Texture may seem like a weird adjective to use when describing a flower arrangement, but it’s used to describe the appearance of flowers. When you look at an arrangement you may find that by adding different flowers in a monochromatic arrangement adds texture. For flowers with mixed colors, you may find that different materials, such as leaves or stems, add texture. The best thing to do is play with your arrangement until it makes you happy.


  • Stay Seasonal: In order to find the best quality flowers, you should try to stay seasonal. It’s not always possible, but ask your florist what is currently in season for the best selection.


  • Pick a Filler That Doesn’t Overwhelm: Baby’s Breath, Bells of Ireland, and Featherleaf Fern are all popular fillers when it comes to floral design. The key to using fillers is to make sure they’re not the star of your arrangement. They’re meant to provide a subtle background to the beautiful flowers you’ve chosen.


  • Go Big: If you have a space that can handle it, try making an oversized arrangement. It can be a great focal piece for a room.


  • Monochromatic Works: If you want to make a statement, consider going monochromatic with your flowers. An arrangement of all white flowers can be stunning when composed correctly. Or, perhaps pink is your color. Pick up different flowers in all shades of pink to make a statement. Whatever your favorite color – going monochromatic can work.


  • Lots of Water: Fresh cut flowers require lots of water. Check your vase every day and fill as needed.

Now is the time to enjoy all of the great spring blooms you’ve been seeing. Pick up some flowers at your local florist and try your hand at creating a stunning arrangement.

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